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Hagerty Employee

MotorWeek creator John Davis remembers Pat Goss: Co-star, master technician, and friend

Pat Goss, known by millions for doling out automotive wisdom during his weekly Goss' Garage segment on the TV show , passed away unexpectedly on Saturday, March 19 th, 2022 at his home in West River, Maryland. Goss had been a mainstay of the PBS series since its beginning in 1981, appearing in over 2,000 episodes over the course of 41 seasons.
Intermediate Driver

Pat Goss was the cool uncle you went to when you had a question. He will definitely be missed.

Pat was one guy I watched often and listened too. He offered good advice and really was not just promoting a product like do many other shows on wrenching on cars.

I know most of us no matter what we knew always found something he presented that still added to our knowledge base.
Intermediate Driver

I remember watching the Maxton build and eagerly awaiting each week’s installment. RIP Pat.
Intermediate Driver

Sad news. I grew up in the Mid-Atlantic in the 1970's and my father and I would watch Motorweek on MPT every weekend. Pat's segments were always interesting and informative. He will be missed.
Intermediate Driver

Dang... time flies. I remember going up to Mom's house on Saturday night and watching it when it was new. I loved the tips and envied them for getting to drive the fun stuff. My nephew learned to love cars too as he was watching me get excited over a new release or money saving tips from Pat. Thanks for all the years of information and encouragement Pat! Even now... I love watching. Going to miss you Pat!!!

I watched MotorWeek throughout my childhood and 20's. I eventually stopped watching it as Top Gear and other shows became popular. Can't get the local PBS on streaming but I would gladly watch MotorWeek with it's simple but informative format that is all about the cars. It's not trying to provide you stupid entertainment. Goss's segment was always looked forward to. God Bless him and his family and friends.
New Driver

I worked with Pat on MW for almost 20yrs. Great guy. Always would greet and speak with people if they approached him. Definitely not a TV diva. Total pro who knew his stuff. Will really be missed! Really nice article Joe. Best PS
Advanced Driver

I feel like I lost a member of my family. I have watched Motor Week for decades! RIP Pat. Thanks for all the content and wisdom you brought us.
Intermediate Driver

One by one the truly great and beloved vanish without giving the tiniest bit of notice. Goss will be remembered and sorely missed. MotorWeek will go on but won't be the same ... ever. Rest in Peace John.

A sad loss of someone that provided so much 'auto repair info'
for "free" thru PBS.
PS: hope there are still / 52 Maxton "roller skates" alive
New Driver

I just learned of Pat's passing on this week's Motorweek. I'm not online with automotive sites much lately as I'm prepping two Bimmers I've owned a couple decades for auction.

Pat was the only person where I didn't catch something wrong or slightly not right on automotive DYI over the past 40 years.

I recommended his segment to many a kid over the years to learn as much as they could about their vehicles. Interesting to learn that he subscribed to many car related periodicals like me.

Would have loved to meet him, he seemed like a genuine guy. I'll miss him on Motorweek.

Goss will be missed. While I don't watch a lot of automotive tv , his spots on motor week were my favorite. As somewhat of a backyard mechanic I always learned from him.
Condolences to the family first, co workers and those of us who watched him on tv