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Motorsports powerhouse Chip Ganassi Racing withdraws from NASCAR | Hagerty Media

After 20 years of NASCAR competition and 19 race wins in the NASCAR Cup Series, Chip Ganassi Racing will leave North America's premier stock car division at the conclusion of the 2021 season. Ganassi's Charlotte-based NASCAR operation will be sold to up-and-coming motorsports team Trackhouse Racing.
Intermediate Driver

This article is a day old. Do I get to be the first person to say; "So What!"?
I'm sorry to all you Nascar Fans, but I just don't get it.
Besides the stickers, everyone brings the same car to the track. If one team's car proves to be markedly faster than the other team's, they handicap the faster car by adding aerodynamic inhibitors.
Honestly, the races are usually as exciting as watching paint dry.
As far as I am concerned, bring back the old school "Stock Cars", where bigger engines, acid dipped body panels and yes even "creative cheating" would win the races... THAT was racing...
What's next NASCAR, everyone who finishes gets a "participation trophy"? LoL...

I am with you. Furthermore, who cares who might be buying a team for nascar? Who gives a rip about Mike Jordan? Every professional sports franchise or team that he has touched (after his time with the Bulls lol) has been a disaster or an unmitigated disappointment. PitBull wants a car? Great, yet another reason I won't be watching.
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Yeah, I've been saying that for decades. Bring back stock cars. Take a Camaro or Mustang and whatever pos that Toyota has and gut it, add safety equipment and allow certain engine and suspension mods. Basically make a street car into a race car like they did in the old days. Now that would be stock car racing.

I agree with all the above. I remember watching close to every race in a season ( taping them on my VHS) and enjoying the sport of racing. NASCAR, in my opinion, has lost that. The only differentiation between cars is a stupid decal. And now I cant stand the three races within a race. I can go on and on with scheduled pit stops, etc.. Soon they will have rank choice winners like the NYC mayoral primaries. More people will root for the third place winner who won first place in the first heat but 5th in the second but overall he /she will win! I sound like a geeser but bring back the old days, and while we are at it, bring super stock back to NHRA
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This article is the very reason I lost permanent interest in NASCAR. all hype no substance.

I lost interest in nascar when they went to the chase. When a driver sat out half the season and won a championship? Come on!


As for the cars it is what it is. Cost are getting crazy and not easily controlled. You can’t go back to the old days as that time and formula has come and gone. While the new cars are far from perfect it at least is keeping the series alive. This day and age all racing series are struggling and it is not going to get any easier.  

It is time to take a real look and understand the challenges these series are facing. Cost, lack of sponsorship, loss of new fans and more. They all are hurting. 



To all you guys bashing Nascar, you have some valid points, but they apply to many other forms of racing also. Take Formula 1 for example. Today, it's by far the most boring series. Just catch the first two laps and move on to something else. I find myself watching grassroots & sprint car racing to get real action.
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If you think Nascar is boring now, and I do, just wait until it goes all electric...Electric cars are as exciting as Victoria Secret announcing that their new model lineup consist of an angry lesbian and a transvestite...

What I'd like to know? Where is Rick Hendrik Racing squeezing hoarse power out of these Chevrolets from? His Camaros couldn't find Victory Lane with a map a year or two ago. Now they're checking out and leaving second place 4-5 seconds behind. That ain't just aero and down force in the right places they've found boost some where in those Hendrik engines. Thought Hendrik and RCR were aligned in the engines department. RCR is not even close to Hendrik's area of performance. Why? Are Flat Plane cranks legal for NASCAR. Just scratchen my head.