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Motorcycle personification and the theory of project debt

We enthusiasts are perfectly aware that our vehicles will not return our love. Yet we ignore their inanimate nature and persist in personifying our beloved mechanical objects. I came to this realization after a conversation with one of our editing staff, a conversation in which he pitied me for acting as if one of my machines felt neglect. 


Is he going crazy? Read Kyle's theory over on

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Good article. introspection does good. My epiphany came later in life. After pondering the same thing. I had spent a lot of time and money learning to fly and after enjoying it awhile found that in order to fly a plane you had to have somewhere you wanted to go. Then I ran out of places I wanted to go that I had not been already. So I gradually lost interest and do not fly at all now because you have to fly to retain a current license. I have also done that with boats that need constant attention. Definition of  BOAT - Break Out Another Thousand. Traveled all over the interior of the U.S. and Canada exploring the Rivers, Locks and Canals as well as traveling the length of the Atlantic Coast going both ways twice. Now I do not even think about boating. Although there are a lot of great memories. When I was younger maybe your age I had passion for cars and motorcycles. My garage looked a lot like yours even had some of the same cars in it. Of all those vehicles I owned the only one I really miss is my 911S Porsche. Now I have a daily driver that is still in warranty and One only One hobby car a 1981 Mercedes 380SL. It needed some help when I  got it and now it runs, drives and looks good. It has a few flaws that are really not consequential. I have not driven it in 4 months. I find myself looking at Craigslist, Ebay Marketplace and the car on the corner with the sign in the window. The Merc has to find a new friend before I do anything.

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