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Motorcycle personification and the theory of project debt

We enthusiasts are perfectly aware that our vehicles will not return our love. Yet we ignore their inanimate nature and persist in personifying our beloved mechanical objects. I came to this realization after a conversation with one of our editing staff, a conversation in which he pitied me for acting as if one of my machines felt neglect. 


Is he going crazy? Read Kyle's theory over on

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I own a 1974 Honda CL360, 1963 Ford Unibody truck, and a 1968 Pontiac Firebird convertible that all deserve my attention in some way. I really do feel like you in many ways, but I also look at these cars and bikes as an opportunity to learn from and enjoy the little things. Maybe if only to notice something new or unique about them. The research about them can be just as fun as working on them sometimes.