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Most furious? Dom Toretto's Chargers are muscled maniacs | Hagerty Media

In its 20-year run, The Fast and the Furious saga has become an encapsulation of action film history. What began as a story of highwaymen and stagecoach robberies has evolved into the American James Bond. And it's not just limited to American action, as the franchise has also embraced the international, casting action stars like Joe Taslim and Tony Jaa.
Intermediate Driver

That lead image of a fake wheelstand with fake tire smoke (two mutually exclusive occurences) reminds me of just how bad these "car movies" are.
Advanced Driver

Just remember, the Bullitt Mustang had a smoke generator in the trunk for when McQueen did the reverse burnout. The Jump in the remake of Gone in 60-Seconds has a blatantly obvious CGI jump. I just think we have higher standards of realism in films than we used to. You can pick apart any film you want. Ford v Ferrari has a quite a few historical inaccuracies. I think car people forget that movie companies don't make movies for us. They make movies for a broad audience, which are blissfully ignorant of any technical or historical mistake.


Yep. My favorite is the first scene in "Thunder Road", where the stunt man tries to do a bootlegger turn in a '50 Ford and rolls it. They cut out the final roll-over, but you can see it going past the point of no return. Even my wife was saying "how can he still have that car after it rolled over?"

The Bullitt Stang wheel peels were legit. The obvious rubber patch on the pavement during the take is evidence there was no smoke machines in the trunk. Neither was the long one wheel peel up a grade on a San Francisco street Hollysmoke. All of which were Goodyear Pollyglass rubber melt.
New Driver

I agree! Single wheel, non-posi differential; wheel hop in the reverse burnout... Very realistic!


I was in my buddies'67 390 GT C6, I can attest that was real tire smoke. He got it for his 18th B'day, 2nd day he almost melted the back RR tire, Polyglas tire. Did it right in front of his house while the folks weren't home. We didn't notice the mailman, busted, sat in the garage for two weeks punishment. One of the best sounding stock exhausts. Only car I actually saw smoke from the front tires going around a sharp corner.

You will never enjoy an action movie if you attempt to take it seriously. Then all you will be left with are chick flicks and CGI cartoons with characters with giant eyeballs

Thank you! 

I hate these movies with a passion as a real Top Gun Pilot hate Top Gun. 

My son just discovered Days Of Thunder. I told him to watch Stoker Ace as it was more realistic. 

Why can’t they make more movies like Grand Prix?

Hagerty Fan
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Because movies are made to be financially successful across a wide range of demographics. Hate them all you want but box office numbers dont lie. There are plenty of great racing documentaries to watch if thats more your speed. Also Days of Thunder is fantastic. 


Grand Prix was a movie that captured the real feel of racing. No fake computer images, no silly action etc. It presented a good story great live action video and great acting.  It made a lot of money when it came out and won great acclaim. 


In fact the movie won praise from Enzo Ferrari that he opened his whole team to the movie after he saw the early shooting. Before that he wanted nothing to do with it. 


The results at the box office today is often the result of only the best that is not the best that could be.  Much of today has made taste only something something some have only in their mouths. 


I work in the racing industry and most in and around the Days of Thunder were deeply disappointed in the results. As for FF series we all cringe when some one say NOS as a word and not the lets it really is. 


Too many movie goers are willing to settle for less so that is all you will get. 


As for Documentaries. There have been a few good ones lately. Senna and Mclaren both were good. 


The only racing movie of late that was acceptable was the Rush. 


Movies like American Graffiti make FF look like a silly cartoon. 


There is plenty of money to make on these films but as long as people accept garbage that is all you will get. 


Higher standards demand greater results. 




I've never seen any of these F/F movies. Seen enough of every commercial on TV advertising the F/F latest to know not to waste my money on a computer animated cartoon feature.
Intermediate Driver

Notable Chargers the article missed:
Grey 1970 Charger and vault towing Charger SRT (Fast Five)
Off-road 1970 Charger and third incarnation of original 1970 Charger (Furious 7)
Possible fourth incarnation of original 1970 Charger (F9)
Intermediate Driver

There have been a lot of great movie cars throughout the years, but nothing makes me smile and gets my blood pumping as when I am watching the Plymouth Fury in the movie "Christine" . And, it does it's own body repair work! What's not to like? 🙂
Intermediate Driver

Now there's a car that either loves you or hates you...

Check out the Plymouth in (Thunderbolt and Lightfoot), its over the top.
New Driver

Your article is a great tribute to the Dodge Charger. I owned a 68 big block as a young man and loved it. I now own a JDM MK4 Supra TT 6 spd. Your article is incorrect when it says the Charger Dom raced against the Supra was lighter than the Supra. Dead Wrong! The basic big block Charger is almost 4000 pounds which is more than 500 pounds more than the Supra. There is no way you can take 500 pounds out of a unibody car that has to be strengthened to handle the power. With similar power which is possible from a 2JZGTE the Supra would smoke the Charger. I have owned both and while the Charger is a nostalgic ride the Supra is a rocket that handles.
Pit Crew

Supra's get beaten regularly by Barra engined cars in Australia more often than not, they are no longer the benchmark the Barra powered Typhoons are, try and get 2200 hp out of your supra.
Advanced Driver

I love the Fast and Furious movies for the over the top, ridiculous stunts. Technological accuracy has nothing to do with the enjoyment of these movies.
Intermediate Driver

Give me a break. They are MOVIES. Full of action and cool cars, what could be better. Do you think Arnold is a real cyborg, did Stallone really kill all the hundreds of foe he has encountered over the years, is Darth Vader really Luke's father? They are movies to be enjoyed for what they are. If you are so stuck on reality, stick to documentaries and leave the movies to those of us who enjoy seeing big burnouts, wheelies, and cars jumping out of planes. Bring on no. 10.🙂
Advanced Driver

Well, now I know why I couldn't get Speedkore to layup custom carbon sheet stock for me.
Pit Crew

Vin Diesel was on GMA a couple of days ago, promoting "F9." I wondered why I had never seen any of the Fast and Furious series. Now, thanks to your article, I remember.
Advanced Driver

Is this promotion of Street Racing what Hagerty is about?
New Driver

Hot Wheels makes a very popular rubber tire premium line of F&F cars, the '68 in F9 is mid engined with a Hellcat. It's my favorite of all the F&F castings and will be on the pegs soon at your favorite retailer if not already for around 6 bucks. I have seen exactly none of these movies but I love the cars.
Advanced Driver

I think the only car movie I hate more than these pieces of brain-dead junk, is GONE IN 60 SECONDS. If I see another one of those ugly Eleanor recreations that some peanut brain blew a fortune on building and is now trying to sell, I think I'll throw up.

When I watch car movies with action sequences, I only watch real cars doing something which is just barely possible, and I don't want my intelligence insulted. One of the few exceptions to real cars were some of the effects in Ford v Ferrari -- which were perfectly acceptable in a very good film.

These are only my opinions, others may disagree.

If you want realism watch the news. When we go out to a movie we demand to be entertained. When my wife (who shares this opinion bless her heart) and I go to a FF movie we expect to see sexy people talking tough and doing cool stuff physics be damned. We both laugh at the ridiculousness at the same time as loving the spectacle. I doubt anyone who has ever turned an ignition key believes the FF movies are anything but cartoons presented with realistic visuals.
Advanced Driver

The complete lack of realism is what makes these movies so much fun. 


I agree that these are fun cars. Making the Charger an icon isn't all bad either. It certainly is a distinctive design. Unfortunately I can only say I've seen maybe 3 of these movies as that is all that is recycled on free TV. I wouldn't pay anything to see any of them, and the net result is all too predictable, anyways.
One complaint. Said it would show all of the cars. Couldn't really tell, with only 8 photos for 9 movies, and all but 2, were black, this was more click-bait than anything informative. If you can brighten them up to be viewable, don't bother, an don't oversell the article!
Pit Crew

The author described Chargers as a visual signifier for cool. I guess: if you like Chargers. While I do prefer them to Challengers I would take a Camaro or a Mustang as a muscle car hands down. The original or most recent Camaro is the signifier for cool with their curvy fenders. Plus there are so many newer Charger/Challengers on the street with near identical looks whether they are V6 or V8 that I don't think cool when I see them.
New Driver

OK, although I have never watched one of these "epics" after I tried to watch the first one and could not tolerate the destruction of classic Detroit iron, I have to speak up about the blastphamy of indicating that the "Ice Charger" will be the best build of the fast franchise", No f***in way, Not with a "bellybutton LS" in it!!!. I am a Ford man all the way but I have deep reverence for Mopar's and to put a P.O.S. LS in a classic Charger is a disgusting and mortal sin. Every TV build show, every swap meet, every car show the same CRAP put an LS in it, I am sick of it as are many others! Go for the chap and easy and put an LS in it, Bull**bleep**! The "Godzilla" is on it's way to being the LS LT killer and I as are many other enthusiasts cannot wait for that to happen! But even then the Charger in this series was born with a MOPAR and it should be powered by MOPAR, not a P.O.S junk LS! Just my opinion and I do not believe I am alone in my belief!

   I'm not an F/F fan.  Might be if I actually watched any of them, don't know.  I did watch Hobbs and Shaw, and it was tolerable.  As some have pointed out, action movies are not supposed to reflect reality (Bond, Jaws, Star Wars, etc.), but it is true that when I know a little about the topic, I tend to pick out totally unbelievable stuff and I lose track of the thread as I'm shaking my head.  The Top Gun pilot watching Top Gun example is great.  Shark experts probably grimace at The Meg, too.  So I suggest that we follow the lead of hyperv6 and only watch Grand Prix - over and over.  I NEVER get tired of that film!  😊

Intermediate Driver

Remember in the first movie how they were all shooting at the semi driver to get him to stop? Just pull the damn gladhands off the trailer and it will come to a screeching stop! No realism in that scene at all! I laughed at the whole scene as I am a truck driver myself!
New Driver

Watch the movie vanishing point. R/T hemi Challenger running wild
Intermediate Driver

Who goes to the movies anymore? Not I

I never recovered from re- make nausea after seeing Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.
Intermediate Driver

It's a great series of movies. Paul Walker is sorely mssed and will always be. As with any of these types of movies, there will always be scenes, cars, and people bordering on the unbelieveable. It's just entertainment after all. What always amuses me is how the young people lach onto these shows and believe these movies are real. Perhaps, after they live a lot of life and see how everything works for real, they will see all this as I do-entertainment. And God bless Paul Walker and Vin Diesal.

I'm not alone that the faked/ "CGI" movies RUIN the genre for old-timers/farts like myself who grew up driving muscle cars like T/A's, Superbird, 442 etc. We had parties to watch REAL Car-drama movies like the ORIGINAL "Gone in 60 seconds" (NOT the P.O.S. Cage redux.... I walked OUT of that film after 15 minutes, OR Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry and that FAB R/T Charger!!!!
I have not seen ANY of the silly F&F series or their macho "actors" nor do I plan to!!!!