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Hagerty Employee

Moskvich Update: Missing parts-and found motivation!

Ahh, procrastination. My last Moskvich update was posted nearly a year ago. I was embarrassed when I realized that this morning as I was deciding whether to go out in the cold to work on it. Has the progress really been slower than the car itself? Yes, but for mostly good reasons.
Intermediate Driver

Well, I didn't expect to spend this next-to-last day of 2021 studying diagrams of Moskvich front suspension, but I'm glad I did! I read the first couple paragraphs out loud to my wife. Loved "After my ear infection had gone away. . . " Hilarious writing, sir!

I reads this while doing my own procrastination concerning my E30 build. Some much needed motivation to get out there, cold weather and all.
Hagerty Employee
Intermediate Driver

Thanks so much! The E30 is a worthy cause for sure! I long for the good old days of $500 318is's.