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Hagerty Employee

Morgan's new 3 Wheeler gets due date, a hybrid Humvee replacement, Porsche's Le Mans prototype on track

Intake: Ground-up new cars from Morgan don't come that often, so the arrival of the British company's next three-wheeled machine on February 24 will be a big deal for the little firm. Morgan says the new three-wheeler is its first "clean-sheet visual design" since the swoopy Aero 8 of 2000, and will be its most customizable car ever.

I'm torn whether I like the Porsche or the Cord story best. Both of these makers had so much impact on the automotive industry (although Cord is long gone, its legend continues). Sneaky-silent military vehicles are one thing, but style (like the 810) and speed (Porsche at LeMans) are gonna grab my attention every time! 😋
Hagerty Employee

fun mix of stuff today! glad you enjoyed it.
Advanced Driver

And more "solutes" to Maserati for an engine with 2 "livers" - as well as Williams for a strong back for the batteries.....;)

Sorry, couldn't resist!

I'm very interested in what that Porsche will be like. That's the most exciting car here.

The Morgan is interesting just because 3 wheelers are an oddity.

I have always loved the Cord 810 and even considered buying one, but didn't. But I really wanted a Morgan three wheeler but unless there are now going to be doors the wife & I would have trouble getting in & out.
Advanced Driver

Hard to imagine a world where the Cord 810 didn't exist. Thanks for highlighting it today.
Intermediate Driver

"Bronco Raptor pricing undercuts Wrangler 392 by $5K" Yeaaa a 392 and Hopped up 3.0L V6 are night and day different. Most tuning companies can make your regular Bronco preform like a raptor or better your not easily stuffing a 392 in your V6 JL Wrangler.

   My first thought when reading that was, "Ya get what ya pay for..." - but at $65-70K, I'm kind of thinking that's not even true in either case.  I'll stick with my older, bang-for-the-buck versions.

   But I'm a Jeep guy.  And in my mind, There's Only One Jeep (and it'll say Jeep on it, so if it says Ford, I'm not gonna be fooled).  😉

Hagerty Employee

another factor is agility—the bronco's proportions give it vastly superior approach, breakover, and departure angles. don't get me wrong, i'm a sucker for a v8 all day, but the bronco would be my pick here.

Those LMPh cars? They're all different but they all look the same.
New Driver

I MUST have that Morgan. Oh my goodness, that has fun written all over it. And still combustion-powered. The only problem will be the price. I wonder if there's a bank I can rob...... 😉