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Hagerty Employee

More progress on the Ford 289 | Sunbeam Tiger engine swap project - Ep. 6


This was one of those car-flogging sessions I really enjoyed, because I made great progress on several fronts! First, I had to make sure that the lower crank pulley would line up with the upgraded water pump, which would also affect the geometry of the stock generator. There's just not much room to play with between the radiator and the front of the engine, and keeping everything in the stock location is critical. I made some adjustments on the hub pulley location to get it all to work, but now it's all lined up and ready to go. The FlowKooler water pump had a better design to the internal impeller, so it should flow more water to keep this high-horsepower motor running cooler than the stock Ford part. I've had many friends use these water pumps and swear by them, and I'm going to need all the help I can get.


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