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Hagerty Employee

More essential pointers for safe winter car storage | Hagerty Media

Aside from inexplicably slow leaf-peeping Porsche Cayennes that brake to 20 mph in every turn, the crisp days of fall offer the best driving and riding opportunities of the year. Intercoolers work better. Motorcycle gear doesn't cause heatstroke. The sight of leaves spinning into vortices in the rearview mirror while powering out of a corner is lovely, indeed.

I use metal generic pot scrubbers from the dollar store stuffed into the tail-pipe and air intake to block mouse access, adding a J-hook of coat hanger wire for easy extraction. No - steel wool does not work.
Intermediate Driver

Ah Mice and rodents when storing your Classic car during winter I own an 86 IrocZ and also a 1961 Buick Electra 225 both cars are original and very mint condition and i like to protect them therefore I recommend Mouse Blocker web check it out my interiors are still mint best defense and trust me it works best fyi Frenchie