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Montero in Moab: Growing to love an overlooked 4x4 in the age of escape | Hagerty Media

If there was one thing made painfully clear by recent events, it was that self-contained exploration of this grand country cannot be over-valued. As the nation tried to figure out how to escape its own four walls without endangering the neighbors, camper and RV sales went through the roof.
Intermediate Driver

Isuzu Trooper won paris- dakar and race across australia - That era montero was great too
Advanced Driver

This is God's country. Too beautiful for words. The secret is out, more accessible but not unlike the endless line of mountaineers waiting to summit Everest; if you have the means, motivation, and ability you're welcome to come, just leave it as you found it.

I have always thought that generation Montero was the perfect all-rounder; practical dimensions, 7 seats, reliable and with good power (for the time) from the petrol or diesel options.
When I owned a Lancer Evo 5, I had dreams of adding the (then cheap) Pajero Evolution homologation special to the garage. Due to a lack of brand loyalty and obsession with scanning classifieds, that goal has instead been replaced in reality with a WRX and XJ Cherokee; the only commonality being the 1994 build year...
Also, I hate to be this pedantic, but the Dakar Rally takes place in January, meaning that victory occurred prior to Mitsubishi taking the 1998 WRC.
Pit Crew

Welcome to Moab: One of my favorite places to camp, hike, sightsee and go 4 wheeling. It is a wonderful spot. While I am a Jeep guy, I find all 4x4s equally accepted out on the trail. One of my fun days there we took the "rental car" SUV out on a fairly easy trail... Folks laughed and called us crazy out on the trail, but we had a blast, met some new folks and were rewarded with a fun hike and great view. Love your roof top tent... I am lazy and often just sleep on the ground on a hiking pad. Nights are indeed quiet and magical out there. Nice write up! (FYI - I am also a Michigan resident)