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Modern-ish transmissions from a Ford C6

Backwards compatibility is a well-known concept in tech circles, but you need not be a software engineer or Playstation 3 loyalist to appreciate it. The Ford C6 automatic transmission is a great example of this in the automotive world because it’s also the foundation of newer automatics in Ford trucks. And thanks to this shared foundation, Ford’s C6 is backwards compatible when it comes to refinements implemented in its successors ... Read the full article on



Sajeev, Love it. My daily is a '95 Mark VIII. I'll find a good III, IV or V to collect soon. - Douglas, Hagerty Golden. 

Community Manager

Wow @dbairdathagerty my daily is also a 1995 Mark VIII! Pleasure to meet you!

Nice! Had a C6 in my 390 '68 Ford Wagon. Do the latest incarnation still use bands for one of the (I believe it was second)  forward gears?

Community Manager

I watched a YouTube video showing a C6 getting taken apart, and yes, it appears that band is needed to engage 2nd in any C6...possibly any trans based on the C6.




The 1972 Mark V with the small chrome bumpers will always be the best looking version. However, unless your 2,200 rpm converter is a lockup unit fuel economy will suffer. 

Community Manager

99% sure it is a lock up.  Sure feels like it on the highway. 


i am a mopar man, but must admit the C6 tranny is a great, dependable tranny. the wife drove a 78 mercury marquis one time. i decided to change the tranny fluid due to discolouration. drop the pan and find a small mound of aluminum shrapnel. no sign of where it came from. oh well, eh? button it back up, new filter and fluid and drove it until she rusted out. tranny never gave a sign of issues.


C6 was fords best trans made. Had one on my 68 wagon with the 428. Never had a lick of problems. Was used for a car pool, 10 adults ,140 miles a day in the heat of the Mojave desert. Only problem was tires until I went with light truck tires. 

Pit Crew

I have been driving my (purchased new) 1972 F-100 Ford for 48 years. Three engines, 700, 000 miles and the original C6. I can't complain... 

Intermediate Driver

I also own a 1972 Mark IV I just had the C6 rebuilt as it was leaking and shifting badly. This is definitely something I'm going to do. My Lincoln is the Wimbledon White with black vinyl top and red interior. I added fuel injection for better drivability. Great car I enjoy driving her on long road trips.

Community Manager

Thank you for sharing, I promise you that you will not regret it! 


gotta have 4 in any auto. Was thinkin AOD, as that same lill pea brain thinks of the C6 as really a truck transmis (I know, I know fairlane, torino, ltd). Will look into this as U have schooled me today~


This is definitely going to go in the wife's '79 T-bird when it is time. I have had multiple vehicles with the C6 and have always been rewarded with a bullet proof trans in every case. I don't know why, but after rebuilding my first c6, I seem to enjoy rebuilding automatic transmissions. The way they work is just automotive science and engineering at their best.

Community Manager

C6s, from what I see on YouTube, look kinda fun to rebuild. I couldn't do the upgrades as I don't trust myself with machine work, but still. 

New Driver

C -6 and the 9 inch axle make for a bullet proof drivetrain . Today's transmissions have brought me only grief from FOMOCO . New truck purchase from Ford is now on the back burner so I'm going to keep my 2003 Excursion with 190,000 miles on the road for a few more years.
New Driver

Yea,i have a 69 ford f100 with c6 trans,what are your suggestions on overdrive trans to mate up with a 360 engine,4 barrel model 4100 carb?
Community Manager

Adding an OD trans to an FE engine is pretty expensive because nothing bolt up directly. The adapter kit alone is almost a grand if this website is any indication. This place has an adapter for a little less for a Chevy trans. Adding in the cost of a rebuilt trans, whatever metalwork is needed for a transmission crossmember, and likely driveshaft shortening and you're gonna be out close to $3000 when all is said and done. Maybe even more than $3000? 

I think you'd have to drive a lot of miles to ever get enough value out of the swap. Just rebuild your C6 like I did in the article. Tell me what you think. 

New Driver

I have just got my dream classic, 1967 Ford Thunderbird Fordor. This has a 428ci 7.0L coupled to the 3-speed C6. I'd love to upgrade the tranny with this kit to add AOD and give the gearing better range. I have to drop the tranny to replace the front pump seal, or so I think it is, as it has a slow leak when the car is not being used. I'm thinking of upgrading while I have the tranny out. How much time did it take you guys to complete it?