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Model Citizen: For 40 years, Luca Tameo has realized F1 in miniature

The steering wheel of Ayrton Senna's 1988 World Championship-winning McLaren MP4/4 Formula 1 car was about 10 inches across. Now imagine that same steering wheel rendered as just one tiny, 0.2-inch part among 300 parts in a scale model kit of his McLaren that, when completed, is no more than four inches long.

Lovely detail. I would have to assume it is expensive but worth it to the fans.

Extraordinary. And beautiful.

Before you rush out and buy a kit take a good look at Tameo's on-line tutorial about building their kits. Many of the parts are so small that it's more like building a watch than a model, and the bodies sometimes require you to do the final production work - drilling holes, filing things down to the proper dimension, etc. Building a metal model is a much different process than building plastic and wooden ones. It requires specialized tools and paint, and painting a metal model is like painting a real car - it has to be sanded, metal-prepped, primed, and carefully sanded again before painting. Beautiful models but a lot of work; more for the person who enjoys the process of building than the end product. I was tempted to buy a kit when I first became aware of them a few years ago, but what put me off is that the end result is so small that you need a magnifying glass to really look at it.


Tameo, not to be confused with Tamiya.
I wonder if the 66 year old me could still build model cars as well as the 14 year old me.


Intermediate Driver

This is the best story ever to appear on Hagerty's site.