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Model A storage and starting on the Corvair's exhaust | Kyle's Garage - Episode 20

This week has been a strange one for us residents of northern latitudes. The sun has burned bright all day, and the temperature has remained a positively balmy 75 degrees most days, all of which makes it easy to believe winter is never happening. But I've lived here in Northern Michigan long enough to know that winter comes sooner or later. Rather than stick my head in the sand, I am taking the time to move the Model A to storage while I can do it without the worry of coating the car in road salt while on the open trailer.


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The only comment I'd make on the Model A storage is that I'm not sure that I'd store it with the cooling system full if you suspect a head gasket issue. At the very least, maybe write a big 'note to self' to check that #3 cylinder in the spring before cranking it, and leave the note on the steering wheel.