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Model A exhaust fix adventure (detours ahead) | Kyle’s Garage - Episode 10

When out in the garage, I like to think I live by the "do it right or do it twice" motto. Strive as I might to be that person, the reality is that I'm cheap and will always try the easy route first. And second. On the third go-around I might do it properly.


This strategy bit me in the butt recently as I went to repair the exhaust on my 1930 Ford Model A. 


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Pit Crew

Kyle - you showed the holes in what might be loosely termed the firewall of your model A. Amazon has a collection of rubber grommets for $11. A bit over 1/3 of these are solid rubber and would work well to fill those holes. The manufacturer is Ram-pro and the EAN is 0815518023904.

Intermediate Driver

I get this all of the time:  "I don't want to spend a lot of money..."; "I just want to get my car going...";  "I'll do a better job down the road..."--and complaining because the car won't run right--AGAIN!  I ask:  "How many times do you want to be broken down at the side of the road before you do it right?"  I always get that hang-head response.