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Hagerty Employee

Mitsubishi will leave the European and UK markets but isn't forsaking the U.S. yet

Mitsubishi is telling dealers in Europe and the UK that the company will exit those regions, according to Automotive Management Online. The withdrawal is part of the Japanese firm's effort to leave so-called "megamarkets," where Mitsubishi has struggled to survive, and distill its global footprint to less competitive areas with greater potential for profit. Despite this move, however, it appears that Mitsubishi hasn't entirely forsaken the U.S. market; in fact, it seems determined to maintain a stateside presence.


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Am I the only one who can't find the usual link to the full article?

Community Manager


There is logic in any multi-brand alliance (at least for cars) taking the global market and divvying it up to whichever name has the most brand equity in that particular region. Very silly that some companies still compete with themselves or allies on some turfs...


But serve the full market too. Yes you are going to have SUV and crossovers of 27 minor distinctions along a spectrum from small to mammoth.


But have a midsize and small truck too. Have a ute not just for Australia...


Surely you can develop a few actual cars too. Even if only 5% of the production is destined to be badged as Nissan for North America. So many cool cars in Japan and other places the last 30 years that we never got a sniff of in NA.


Personally I think a Nissan Evo would sell...



In contrast to what some companies are doing (i.e., GM) which is retreating to so few markets and product lines that they really just look like they are getting themselves set up for a merger (in name sale in reality) to benefit stockholders.