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Missing car spotting? Revisit Google Street View

I was a Google My Business (GMB) expert in a past life, and nothing compared to the times when they'd erroneously place a business several miles away from the actual location. This obviously ruffled feathers at the business and required a frantic call to GMB's India-based call center* to fix the location with the requisite proof from Google Street View.


The GMB rep eventually approved all my requests, but waiting on hold provided time for a new game: virtually "driving" around the surrounding area and looking for cool cars. Some of the cars I found around São Paulo, Brazil were absolutely amazing!


Perhaps our current situation makes this a good time to explore automotive hot spots with Google Street View. You can't watch Netflix all night, can you?


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Checking my area shows two cars I had at least 8 years ago, my 84 anniversary edition 300ZX and an e30 vert I had back then...

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