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Hagerty Employee

Missing car spotting? Revisit Google Street View

I was a Google My Business (GMB) expert in a past life, and nothing compared to the times when they'd erroneously place a business several miles away from the actual location. This obviously ruffled feathers at the business and required a frantic call to GMB's India-based call center* to fix the location with the requisite proof from Google Street View.


The GMB rep eventually approved all my requests, but waiting on hold provided time for a new game: virtually "driving" around the surrounding area and looking for cool cars. Some of the cars I found around São Paulo, Brazil were absolutely amazing!


Perhaps our current situation makes this a good time to explore automotive hot spots with Google Street View. You can't watch Netflix all night, can you?


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Pit Crew

I enjoy the Hagerty articles and Hagerty events. I’ve been and continue to be a very satisfied customer of Hagerty insurance. That being said, I’m not at all comfortable with encouraging people to scour Google street view, looking for other people’s cars.

My personal opinion, speaking for myself, I’d be more comfortable if the article were removed from the site. Glad my car was not in any of the sample pictures. 

Pit Crew

I enjoy car-spotting as my walk during this time takes me by some performance and customization shops along with some independent dealers with high end Euro cars. I like those pictures above as an example although I’d be surprised if any are insured through Hagerty. Lol.

Hagerty Fan
Not applicable

Nowhere. The street view photos are frequently years old and pretty useless. My mother sold her house six years ago, but the street view picture still shows her furniture on the front porch. On the other hand, the photo of my house was taken last summer. YMMV.

New Driver

Goggle is amazing.  More the 15 years ago a coworker and car guy borrowed my mig welder to replace the floors in his 1957 Chevrolet.  Time passed and I changed jobs and he changed jobs, life events happened and we lost track of each other.  When I retired, I decided it was time to relearn my welding skills.  I called around to other mutual friends and couldn’t find a cell number.  I only had a landline number for him because that was all we had when this saga started.  I was sure he still lived in a town about 25 miles away.  The population was about 15,000 so it wouldn’t take much to cruse there and try to find him.  Then I thought of Google and typed in the town.  From the satellite view, I scanned the town looking for a 1957 Chevrolet or a house with a small collection of old cars (its a shared affliction).  I found a house with a couple old cars and one under a tarp. Switching to the street view, I was able to walk up to the end of the driveway and see the distinctive rear fins of a 1957 Chevrolet.  Now I had an address!  Remarkably, he called me a few weeks later and wanted to know if I needed the welder back!


Who has time for this?  When warm weather comes, I am out all day wrenching on my old Corvette, rebuilding it.  By time the sun goes down, I am eating aspirin for my aches and pains, eating dinner and falling asleep.  In cold weather, I am shopping for parts for said car.  I could care less about other people's cars because I am too busy dealing with my own.  I am only indoors now, replying to this, because it is a rainy day, and I am taking a break.

New Driver

Interesting article and concept for those with too much idle time.  But, my take away is that we need to protect our privacy and possessions more than ever.  Never know who is looking and why.  Enjoy the cars, but keep the doors shut, keep things covered up and secure your  surroundings.  I understand the intent of the article, but find it ironic that it's posted by an insurance company (that I highly appreciate).

Intermediate Driver

I understand the privacy concerns, but heck...these are different times for most of us. We are on the computer more, and looking to pass some time. We are not all busy 24/7/365 and even if you are very busy ( I know I am) its nice to have a little divergence and plate numbers are blurred out anyway.. its just for some fun. 

Intermediate Driver

Checking my area shows two cars I had at least 8 years ago, my 84 anniversary edition 300ZX and an e30 vert I had back then...

Community Manager