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Minnesota man’s 112-car collection, bound for auction, is nearly half Studebakers and Avantis

Nestled in the rolling hills just west of Minneapolis/St. Paul is the farmstead that was home to Virgil Marple, his family, and well over 100 cars—the majority being Studebakers and Avantis. This extensive collection is up for online sale through Vanderbrink Auctions.


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This is a great article by Mr. Carlson about the on-line auction of the collection of vehicles and parts being conducted by . Physical inspection of the lots can be arranged for 5-23 by contacting the auction house.The auction closes 5-30-2020. The offerings have been sorted/photographed/catalogued with the help of Mr. Marple's long time friend and business associate Trevo Nye. Look over the catalogue and bid. I think Mr. Marple would be pleased with the manner in which his collection is being disbursed. Good luck to bidders and seller.


This is an outstanding collection and a labor of love from this man. In many ways, it's sad to see the work and dedication sold off to the highest bidder, but the family gets to make the rules from here on out. 


About 30 years ago, I was a helper at an auction for a local farmer who had done well for himself. Shortly before the auction, he'd found out he had inoperable cancer and had limited time on the planet. I was part of an absolute auction, where everything was sold, regardless of price. The man's plan was to sell everything off (his children had no interest in the farm or it's business), buy an RV and travel with his wife as long as he could. He was a noted Ford Model T and Model A collector in Northeast Ohio at the time. 


Even though I was in my mid-20's at the time, I could see all that this man had accomplished in his life; witnessing his life's work, livelihood and hobbies being sold off to the highest bidder must have been devastating, although probably not as devastating as being told you have six months to live. 


This collection is of interest to me as I grew up near Youngstown, Ohio and remember when Cafaro was cranking out Avantis; I knew a few people who worked there at the time. I'm glad to see that the New Avanti Corporation products were welcomed in his collection, too. 


Sorry to see the collection being broken up, but hopefully they all go to good homes from here. 

Advanced Driver

I should never write to Hagerty, which I read always, without having my first coffee. Apologies.

Paul Walker was a Casting decision to begin with. It was an excellent choice,

because he fit perfectly what Vin Diesel was looking for in terms of marketing position and audience target. So the Mustang and Walker together was very smart. Anybody who reads this and is in business knows there's nothing like the right images, at the right time, in the right market. It doesn't happen often, but it did this time, so watch this Mustang either go right through the ceiling in

price or fall on its face. I want to say also that the coronavirus, which has crippled the Country, will be no help in that I think the Auction is being held online. There's nothing like the physicality of hands on cars.

Blessings to Hagerty and Readers, all be intelligent and  compassionate in these times.