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Hagerty Employee

Mille Bornes is a game about racing ... and delicious, delicious sabotage

Times have changed, that's for sure. Remember "the classic racing game," Mille Bornes, first launched in 1954? After a quick peek at Apple's App Store and its Google Play counterpart, there are no fewer than four apps heavily based on the game.
Intermediate Driver

Nice article Sanjeev. I still have my game I purchased in the 80’s as a teen. I played it with my kids and we still play it sometimes when they come for the holidays. We always yell COOP FOO-RAY or use Inspector Clouseau accents when we play.
Community Manager

Good to see that kids are interested in playing this card game too!  That's pretty awesome, thank you for reading! 

Advanced Driver

My favorite part of french class in middle school was playing Mille Bornes!
Community Manager

Now I kinda regret taking Spanish instead of French in school. 

New Driver

Grew up playing Miles borne in France and Montreal. The article brought back a lot of memories! Purchased a like new condition version on eBay within minutes after reading the article.
New Driver

I started playing this in grade school back on the late 60s - it was and still is one of my favorite games. It helps that you can play with 2, 3, 4 or 6 as it makes it easy to get players.

One minor correction: a Safety card is not a "coup fourré." Playing a Safety the moment an oppenent plays a Hazard on you is a coup fourré - the action, not the card.

Intermediate Driver

Oh, Lordy! I had forgotten about this! Picture this- Spring, 1981, two Greyhound buses full of Presbyterian teens on their bi-annual 'Youth Witness Tour', going from city to city (well, five- it was only a week), performing a Christian witness show that they wrote, spreading the message all over, well, part of the country. Again, only a week. BUT! One of the teens brought a Mille Bornes game with him and fun and hijinks ensue as he and three friends while away the road hours playing game after game. And yes, with Clouseau accents. Good times, good times...

Excellent description of the game and its ability to entertain all ages. I played this as a child with my family and friends in the 60’s. Great fun. I have thought about it from time to time over the years— maybe I should find myself a copy.
New Driver

Nice summary. We played this regularly in the 1960's as a youngster. I always loved the graphics. It can be quite action packed if the other players are into it. The other fast paced card based game we played back then was "Pit", I guess it would be considered commodities trading.
Pit Crew

Our family played Milles Bornes fairly often. I'll have to ask my father when they got the first set. Believe it or not, going back before the iPhone, there actually was a pretty decent Milles Bornes app for the Palm family of devices called Puissance 10000. I don't know if it was licensed or not (probably not).

That is a fun card game. I can hear the mispronunciations and bad "french" accents now.