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Hagerty Employee

Mid-engine Z06 shines camo-free, NISMO gets campy, not your father's MG

Intake: Roughly a month out from its debut, the first-ever mid-engine Z06 has been uncovered. The track-oriented Vette wasn't, admittedly, wearing much camo the last time we spotted it, so the silhouette isn't much of a surprise.

“This is not your dad’s MG”— won’t be mine either.

Z06 makes me want the old Vette even more.

Agreed, I hear from every automotive author that the new C8 is a better car than the C7, and rightly so. But I'm old I guess(!) Three pedals in my '17 Z06, I can't think I'm going to need another performance car for the rest of my days...which I hope are many as I'm only 57!

F1 is an after thought, possibly the only sporting "event" that has better ratings than the WNBA in the USA. That being said, if you look at the history of the sport, at no time has a dominant vehicle ever had more influence on the outcome of a race. Sad, really.
Advanced Driver

Hopefully the black side scoop can be dispensed with by getting the body color accents option.

The Z06 looks better than the stock car, but I can't tell if that's due to the wider stance, the angle of the picture, or the wheels, which are a massive improvement over the current factory C8 wheel options.
Pit Crew

How many more styling gee-gaws, scoops, grills, ducts, folds, bends and sharp angles can they stick on this poor car before they just completely run out of room? Then, there are those ubiquitous, mindless, pickle fork spoke wheels; I'm glad no one else ever thought of putting those on a car!

"Alvin’s are..."?
Intermediate Driver

The side scoop of the C8 Corvette is one of my least favorite design elements of the car. Accenting it with a black boomerang just adds ticky to the tacky.

I have mixed feelings about the direction that the Corvette is going. On one hand, I like to see that Chevy is putting a real supercar in the supercar race, on the other hand, I increasingly miss the almost-supercar with the muscle car core and the approachable sticker

I am to the point to believe people complain just to be heard anymore. 

The Z06 is a home run. The car is well done and will not be mistaken for anything else. 

There are things you have to have on a mid engine and Chevy has made a massive change to mid engine but not lost the look of a Corvette. No one will mistake it for anything but a Vette. 

The scoops are there and they are needed. They fill in to the body and you have options as the the material on them. 

The new base model is nearly as capable the top end models of the past car. 

I like how it still looks like the base car but you still can tell it is something special. 

I saw a McLaren Senna this weekend and the car is a mess of styling. They chose the path of function over style. I’m good with that if that is what they want. To me the Vette has a good flow with function and they will have people waiting to buy one. 

As for those not sure of the new direction. Well the old car was tapped out and there just was nothing more to get out of it. Even more investment would still not have added much. 

The change was the only way forward. 

Now the EV is being forced the new car will adapt over better than the front engine car. We are going to lose the ICE at some point so the impact may be much less than if we went old school to what we are getting. 

I own a mid engine and there is a real difference. 


Well, I guess I'm just Old. I'd buy an Alvis in a minute, as for the rest, who would trust a smartphone to guide a car, and I have a 41 year old Japanese truck that is so analog you
wouldn't believe it; no power steering and a manual 4 speed. Bless those of you who love the new Corvettes (I think they are atrocious). As for the trucks, well, mine works just great and is used for multiple tasks, never breaking down and has not started three times in fourteen years, once when I was not paying attention to the gas gauge. I own old cars and
love them all. Thank you for this and stay well.