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Hagerty Employee

Michigan's Global Mustang Day rally captured the colorful scope of Mustang culture | Hagerty Media

April 17 was National Mustang Day, and the weather was primed for celebration in Southeast Michigan. Under a remarkably well-behaved, blue sky, Mustang Owners Club members turned out in droves to cruise in a there-and-back rally that started at Michigan Central Station in Detroit.

Sounds like fun. The SA Mustang club is a cliquish flop.
New Driver

Hiya, finally got my orig owner 73 Mach 1 "streetworthy" after many years in storage, hoping to be able to attend it's 50 year birthday in 2023.
New Driver

You need to come to Colorado for the Rocky Mountain Mustang Roundup for a cool Mustang event
Intermediate Driver

looks like a blast, wish the Mustang Club in my area ( southern Ct. ) did something like that.
Intermediate Driver

Ummm, propose it, plan it and make it happen!
Intermediate Driver

That's what I did in my first Mustang club. The powers that be said that they'ed tried a show once and it was a failure. A couple of club members and I planned and put on a club Mustang show and it's still going strong 20 years later. One of the Mustang events of the year in the Bay Area. I left the club a long time ago, but I regard that show as something to mark my having been there.
Advanced Driver

Wish I was there!
Intermediate Driver

MAN........I can't wait to cross the Border for Michigan and take my Mustang over there. !!
Intermediate Driver

My then 17 year old son got me into the vintage car world when he bought a '69 Mustang SportsRoof in 1994 that a P.O. had tried to convert into a Mach 1. He and I worked on the car together on a regular basis and he actually became pretty competent with a box of tools. We began to bicker over what to do next with the fastback so my wife suggested I buy a toy of my own. While looking for a suitable SportsRoof, GT or Mach 1, I came across a standard '69 convertible. Even though I really wanted a fastback, I settled for a vert. That was in 1998. I still have the vert and it has won 32 awards in local and regional Mustang shows. My 44 year old son is working on his SportsRoof in my driveway as I write. We both love these old cars. I wish I had a SportsRoof too, though.