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Michael Jordan to establish NASCAR Cup Series team with Denny Hamlin, Bubba Wallace will drive

In a surprising announcement, basketball legend Michael Jordan has agreed to partner with Denny Hamlin to purchase a NASCAR Cup Series charter. Bubba Wallace will be the driver when the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season begins ... Read the full news on



Bubba may not be especially talented or stable, but at least he hates the fans. NASCAR deathwatch continues.


Always glad to see new sponsors with big wallets, and Bubba's not a bad driver.

Intermediate Driver

This just illustrates Jordan’s G.O.A.T status isn’t just in bball, it’s also in his entrepreneurship and business management. Seeing and seizing opportunity, combined with right timing and correct investment. Surrounding himself with other valuable talent and role players who are willing to sacrifice and take risks for the greater good. This opportunity and team that’s going in the right direction will help and inspire and attract other top talent (Lewis Hamilton) and even more sponsorship and investment. Brilliant. In the longer-term the vision for this new team is building something for themselves, community, and NASCAR to all benefit from.


NASCAR is a dying sport.  Look at how empty those stands are in the photo.  Bubba Wallace is a third-rate driver who can't win for anything.  So, he pulls the race card to get attention, except just like Jussie Smollet, that turns out to be something else entirely.  The whole incident chased away even more fans with NASCAR embracing the racist terrorist organization BLM.  So, now Michael Jordan decides to start himself a race team, and surprise, surprise, who does he hire but the only black driver, who just happens to be unemployed and unemployable because of his lack of skill and his drama.  Hey, if Jordan wants to throw his money away like this, more power to him.

New Driver

This could be a great opportunity to expand interest and access to a new group of young racers. MJ will definitely open the door for kids that thought NASCAR was not in their reach. Love to see him get involved in a junior development series.


I'll admit, watching Wallace near the end at Talledaga yesterday, he could be the next Danica Patrick. I could be wrong, I used to think Stenhouse was the next Patrick 😉