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Mercury's Marauder was classic marketing, but there was plenty of muscle

Mercurys can be so confusing! What started out as a brand to fill in the gap between Ford and Lincoln-Zephyr for 1939 evolved into a confusingly-positioned marque that met its bitter end in 2011.


Equally befuddling was Mercury’s flexible usage of the Marauder name. Many automotive enthusiasts often use the name to describe a specific model, but the truth is that the Marauder name was most often used for marketing purposes on various engines and sub-models. To set the record straight for would-be Mercury historians, here’s a chronological history of the Marauder, excluding the 21st-century reboot:


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Interesting that the, "high-compression Marauder 390P" was rated at 280-horsepower, while the low compression 2bbl 390 in my 1968 "Custom 500" Galaxie-based Ford station wagon was rated at 265HP. While 15 hp isn't nothing, running Regular Gas was a nice difference in my wagon, and despite it's weight, it was plenty strong enough for any loadings it was tasked with. Maybe the torque number were very different? In the case of my '68, I believe that car may have been Ford's first 50-passenger wagon 😉 

Pit Crew

Parnelli Jones won the Pikes Peak Hill Climb two years in a row, ‘63 & ‘64, in the Marauder with the 427.   

New Driver

My man's1966 Mercury S55 is pretty sweet too!


Intermediate Driver

The 1966 brochure scan is proof that one should not trust dealership brochures for restoration authenticity - starting in 1966, all Ford engines (be they in a Lincoln or Mercury) were painted Ford Corporate Blue.

Intermediate Driver

The 2003-04 Marauder was never intended to go drag racing, so why so-called automotive journalists always talked quarter-mile times is beyond me.  It was intended to be (and does make a great) back-road cruiser.  At least the DOHC 4.6 didn't spit out spark plugs like the 2-valve engines.  It may go down in history as best car that Lincoln/Mercury dealers tanked.  Wanting to buy one when new, I had two choices: pay $10k ADM or walk away from dealers that refused to order one (the type of dealers that if they ended up with one in inventory would put a vinyl roof, wire wheels, and Vogue tires on it to add $10k to the price).  I put my down payment into a nice '91 Olds Custom Cruiser instead.


This so-called automotive journalist feels compelled to point out that the 400m sprint is the performance benchmark around the world.

Intermediate Driver

I remember a guy named Sal who owned a pizza shop that had a brand new 1970 (?) Marauder X-100 same color, same interior as in the article picture. The first time I saw it it was sitting outside his place could not get over how sleek and big the vehicle was, the car was striking with that low mean stance. 

Intermediate Driver

My favorite Mercury, next to the Comet Caliente and the Dan Gurney Cougars.