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Mercedes tweener convertible spied, Dallara's track dancer, Elantra N due date | Hagerty Media

Welcome to The Manifold, our fresh daily digest of news and what's happening in the car world. Intake: Spy photographers captured a heavily-camouflaged convertible testing alongside a Mercedes-Benz E-Class Cabriolet in Sweden and in Germany near the Nürburgring.
Intermediate Driver

Convertibles almost died out in the mid 70's due to the popularity of air conditioning. Then they came back, especially with retract-ables. Why would they die again? IMO, that's the only true sports car; I have 2, SLK320 and SL600.

They may die from lack of interest - not my interest, as I have 3, but overall interest. Poor folks will never know what they are missing...
Advanced Driver

Convertibles nearly died out in the mid 70's because of government regulations mandating roll-over protection and other safety measures. Also, when car manufacturers went to the monocoque body/frame design they found that building a convertible required special reinforcements and strengthened body parts to prevent excessive flexing.

The reason convertibles don';t sell are:
1. High PRICE!
2. NO marketing
3. High PRICE!
4. Value proposition
Life is too short, NOT to drive a convertible. Problem is, the marketing geniuses only build for the upscale market, not the affordable one. Chrysler built convertibles like the 600 Dodge, LeBarons, Sebring/200s that were a great value in an affordable, fun car for 4 adults. Not little secretary cars for MG wanna-bes, or hyper-expensive 2 seaters. The somewhat pin-headed Sebring-200 retractable hardtops are the best value in a convertible, with great looks, decent performance, and adult sizing. Unfortunately, the carpetbaggers running Chrysler killed the platform. The PT Cruiser convertible was slightly smaller, but still an excellent value in a more esoteric design.
DaimlerMercedes doesn't know how to build affordable cars. Chrysler had to show them how not to rebuild the cars at the end of the assembly line.
Electric anything, no matter how fast or stupidly large is NOT a plus for the automotive world. Idiots can't drive in "slow" 80MPH traffic, that have to go even faster, so they need EVs? Still about as fun as a Yamaha Golf Cart!