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Pit Crew

Members Share Their Collections

Hey Hagerty,


I have a garage full of Studebakers and a few others, as you know… and your mag might want to take a look at them.  Bet I have the best Conestoga Hot Rod (The Ghost) that exists (seriously) and all the others are amazing drivers and more.   I have not been necessarily inclined to share but they bring such joy every time I drive them…. which is mostly.   It could be a great beginning to an amazing segment for your wonderful magazine. Think about it:   “Members share their collections” and I don’t mean the big boys.   I have seven or eight.  You count.  What about those with one to three?  Maybe even the member shares in their own words?  Many can do it.   


Anyway, thought I would share to the best automotive magazine since David E. departed.  What an amazing icon!  Didn’t Larry start with Car and Driver?  Pretty sure Aaron did to?  Sherman too. 


Keep doing what you are doing so amazingly well.


Cheers to McKeel, love his vision!




David P. Desenberg

4725 Tuscan Way

Corpus Christi, Texas 78410