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Hagerty Employee

Meeting the people who make Ferraris stick-shift again

Three pedals, two feet. Two hands, three points of contact. Zen and the Art of Stick Shift. Watching Arthur Bartosik slam a Ferrari F430's bulbous shifter between six closely-spaced metallic slots, seeing his feet dancing between gas pedal/brake/clutch, clocking his right hand darting between the shifter and steering wheel, it's clear he's in the zone.
Intermediate Driver

It’s because of these types of articles that I LOVE having discovered Hagerty. Well written, interesting topic and educational in a way that car magazines used to be but sadly are no more.
Fantastic content, thanks very much for sharing… and can’t wait for the next one!
New Driver

Amazing article Robert. The photos really make this come together. Talented writer and talented photographer!
Pit Crew

If Maranello won't give people what they want, good for this fellow for stepping up. It doesn't sound like it was an easy process.

For too long, Ferrari has autocratically shoved what they like down the throats of their customers. I'm glad someone's doing this.

I'm sure that in lap times an F1 transmission is faster than a manual. But 99% of the people who own Ferraris can't drive them to their limit (including me) and having FUN driving is a lot more important than lap times. Learning how to competently drive a manual transmission car is a hell of a lot more fun than driving a Ferrari with an automatic transmission. And an F1 gearbox is an automatic.

It's interesting that in another Hagerty article out now, they discuss retrofits and updates to classic cars. If paddle-shift gearbox systems were such an improvement, you'd be seeing 300SLs and E-types with them- but you don't. Because they don't add any fun to the driving experience. The same guy (me) who will spend serious money on cooling system, electrical, lighting, and braking upgrades on an E-type will also spend serious money to rebuild the original Jaguar transmission and put in a new clutch and hydraulics. Because it's fun to drive a manual. And owning vintage cars is about fun, not about letting a computer shift your gears.

People with the money to non-manual 300SL and E-types are making them EV.


It's the "peasants" that have LS swapped and automaticed everything else.


This made me smile. Normally I’m not a fan of big modifications— but this corrects the sins of the current company.

The last quote made my heart sink, though. How could someone who listens to Ferrari engines all day dream about an EV? Do manual transmission devotees even want an EV? This one doesn’t.

A couple o'weeks ago I saw the perfect 360 for sale and was tres excited until I saw it was a F1 transmitten. I passed. If Idda knowd aboot this I still would have passed (not waiting 'til 2025 for my conversion) BUT I would have remained tres excited FAR longer.

All hail the great Bartosik!!
Thank you.

Reading about Ferrari types going crazy with rage because somebody converted a mass produced 430 to a proper manual transmission is remarkably pleasurable. Although not as pleasurable as driving one would be.

Always a good practice to (figuratively) scatter the brains of people who would tell you what to do with your stuff.

Are they in Round Rock, Texas? If so they are sort of "down the street" from me a few miles.

Very Cool article!
Intermediate Driver

Ferrari OEM parts have Tolerance Issues… Here I thought the only time the Ferrari Dealers would take your head off was for the $35,000 timing chain rip-off… I know this article is about replacing the balky & poorly engineered F1 tranny’s on 360’s & 430’s with a nice 6sp. manual but I want to point to conversation in a different direction …. How is it that “regular” car makers like Toyota can put together cars that last upwards of 200,000 miles without major systems failing but the exotic makers can’t engineer and manufacture systems in their cars that dont/can’t last thousands of miles while charging a premium price? I believe they can but they all seem to subscribe to the old General Motors Mission Statement-Planned Obsolescence…
Intermediate Driver

why do 258 AMC sixes last forever? because they're under stressed low-revving 112 HP engines that were established old tech when first designed.

Likewise, why do 250hp v6 3.5L minivan engines last for 200k? because they're also under stressed relatively low HP per L engines.

Now, "exotic" cars have more "exotic" engines that utilize new tech and higher stressed components and thus don't last as long as lower HP per L lower revving engines.

Next time you're at a drag strip, ask those guys why their engines that get rebuilt ever few runs aren't as good as a 200k Toyota v6. Eyes will roll.

The key here is that "exotic" cars have cutting edge tech, which is new and inherently doesn't have the kinks worked out the way higher lifespan ho-hum stuff does.

It's not just Ferrari, AM Vanquish owners and E46 SMG M3 owners also rip out the auto-magic actuator junk off manual boxes for clutch pedal conversions.

Toyota rarely suffers the failings that cutting edge manufacturers do... because they rarely dabble with the cutting edge.

Intermediate Driver

I wonder what the value of used F1 transmissions is going to be? It would seem that there will soon be a glut of use ones on the market. When you can replace it with a nice 6 speed for the same price as overhauling an F1 it is no wonder he is looking at long wait times.
New Driver

Art is a magician! My F430 Berlinetta manual conversion has just been completed and the remaining items on my list for his turnkey operation will be completed shortly. Doing a turnkey is a wondrous service which makes my Ferrari better, more fun and responsive than any factory car ever produced! The shifting is flawless! This F430 is now my favorite in my performance car group! Thanks Art!
New Driver

You had me right up to the part about electric junk. Then I started to puke. Please go back.
Advanced Driver

Not all heroes wear capes!
Intermediate Driver

This gentleman is a hero in a world of complete wimps. Today's manufacturers seem to think THEY know what people need, and they are ignoring their customer's wants. Bad business model, nobody NEEDS a Ferrari. If Ferrari refuses to offer what the buyers want it will fall by the roadside and get run over by the business they will lose. One Texan kicked Ferrari's ass in the 60's, now another will do it today. Hopefully, he will begin importing parts and building his own vehicle. Imagine: Ferrari by Bartosik, because you get what you want!