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Meet the two newest inductees into the National Historic Vehicle Register

Breathtaking in both style and performance but separated by five decades, one car is a Roaring Twenties luxury coupe that was years ahead of its time, while the other is a 1970s street racing equivalent of the Stealth Bomber. Now the first 1921 Duesenberg Straight Eight and a rare 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T SE have one more thing in common: They’re the 27th and 28th members of the National Historic Vehicle Register.


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Fantastic that Gregory Qualls understands the importance of keeping that Challenger as it is.  Lots of hammerheads would have ruined it by restoring it. 


The Challenger was a badge-engineered Plymouth Barracuda. How short sighted “history” can be.


new one on me: "National Historic Vehicle Register".  When will they know to stop? What is the criteria? Where is it?  Y is it? (internal combustion goin out? I hope so).  Will my "car" be in it?


You can read more about the National Register and the Historic Vehicle Association on its website -
Pit Crew

The 1921 Duesenberg looks awesome - great design and love the way it sits so low to the road!  The pics of this car are in front of the A-C-D Museum in Auburn, Indiana.  If you have never been there, it a must for any car enthusiast.  This it the original Auburn Auto Company HQ building - the restored art deco showroom is amazing, as are the cars from all three marques on display there.  The upper floors of this building have many additional classic cars and company displays,  In another building right behind this one, there is the National Auto & Truck Museum - in a building that was originally the L-29 Cord plant.  Give yourself enough time - easy to spend several hours looking through the A-C-D Museum alone!  It's all very close to the Auburn exit off of I-69...just a mile or so east of a time warp!