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Hagerty Employee

Meet the "Pumpkin", a Dodge snowplow truck looking for a second act in the sun

Unlike Charlie Brown, I didn't have to hope to see the Great Pumpkin this past Halloween weekend. I knew exactly when it was coming. My cousin Dave's 1979 Dodge W150, in its perfect-for-the-1970's orange hue, is a natural namesake for the legend from Charles Schulz's cartoon special.
Pit Crew

Thanks for the story! As the owner of a mostly original 1978 W150, I appreciate anything related to these neat old trucks. And YES 1970s Dodge wiring doesn't age well, but otherwise I love owning something less common than a Ford or Chevy.
Pit Crew

My pleasure! It's been a joy to work on. I found a place a while back that has harnesses but I forgot to bookmark it--it seems you have to dig a bit to find resources for these, but it's definitely worth it. Cheers,

We had a '91 Ram 150 2wd long box with 318, AC, and automatic. It was a great truck and even though it lived in MI, it was almost rust free. It did rust in the drip edge above the windshield. I cut a good piece out of a junked truck and welded it into ours. It was quite a project but turned out really nice. After a little filler, finesse and paint, and then installing a new windshield and headliner, you could not tell it was ever rusted!
Pit Crew

I did my 1973 W200 with a .60 over 318 LA with an edalbrock dual plane manifold with a Holley 4 barrel carb. Loved the 205 transfer case. Got it done and a genitic disease attached me and had to sell it. It wieghed 18500 loaded with wood. I miss driving it.

I can attest to the need to keep a spare ECU (and ballast resistor and voltage regulator) in the glovebox of a '70s Mopar. Easy fixes with a minimum of tools.