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Hagerty Employee

Meet the Black Panther, Ontario's own dealer-special Camaro | Hagerty Media

Gorrie's Downtown Chevrolet-Oldsmobile dealership in Ontario was a Toronto landmark for decades. The business began as a Ford franchise in 1917 but by the dawn of the 1960s had evolved became a heavyweight Chevy store. As soon as Chevrolet muscle cars hit the ground, Gorrie's saw an opportunity to contribute to the emerging pony-car story.

Anyone in Canada own one of these or remembers them......? WE used to "hear about " this phantom beast had been seen on the streets in the Big City.......but not down here in rural Ontario . Great story.. Thanx.
New Driver

A friend of mine bought a new black panther from Gorries and a few years ago had it restored from the ground up, including all the switches and accessories.
He passed away a short time ago and I am not sure if his son still has the vehicle. It was in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario Canada.
Intermediate Driver

Another great story, I really appreciate these back stories on "unknown's"

Was the SS badge in the grille installed crooked on purpose? My '67 396 badge was straight.
Intermediate Driver

I love the interior color, especially the dash. For me it's a nice change from black or white. I sure miss the days when a person could actually order a car where unusual color combinations could be selected. Sounds odd but I would choose a light green exterior with a black and red interior.
Intermediate Driver

Again the '67's get all the press while my '68 just molders away in the storage garage! I can't find a decent mechanic who does house calls! Guess I will just have to will it over to my nephew 😞
Intermediate Driver

No offense but why do you need a house call less expensive to have auto transported to a reputable shop that specializes in classics. I was employed part time at one in southern New England and they have some of the best technicians. My car was in the process of undergoing a complete off frame restoration. Plus at a shop all needed tools an testing equipment are at hand. Good luck and get that ‘67 on the road.
Intermediate Driver

Never mind the "decent mechanic who makes house calls..." Just try to find an old school mechanic any more that understands these cars having grown up with them. He also needs to understand the owner usually has little or no appetite to spend a small fortune on fixing this or that just to have a nice dependable driver. I'm not a ball of fire anymore but I do all my own work on the vintage cars since I can't find or trust others today to do the work correctly. Come to think of it, it's much the same with my home maintenance and reno when I want the job done right. A sad reflection on the times.

Don't worry about what is or isn't wrong with it. And, your nephew is probably to young to REALLY appreciate it. I grew up in that era & will happily buy it off you for a good price. You can take satisfaction that it is going to a good home & I WILL take good care of it myself. Better to be on the road & appreciated, then sit in your storage garage.

Nice, the good 396, 425 HP in the Corvette.
Pit Crew

These are right up there as my all-time favourite Camaros. One of my dad’s best friends bought one new. It is a bit of a local legend for those in the know. He still has it.
New Driver

This car is a clone and is advertised as such by the owner on Hemmings…

Hagerty should really take this fake story down so as not to perpetuate a lie/fraud.

I’ve been researching these cars for over 20 years. Read more here..

Bob’s car from Sault St. Marie was sold by his family and is in Florida now.

Hagerty Employee

We just saw the Hemmings listing and are investigating this. 

Intermediate Driver

Thank you for the heads up, Z. Much appreciated.

Intermediate Driver

great story!
New Driver

Like the stance. Anyone know the wheel size, offset and tire size? I have a 68, running 14" with drums all around on the same BF Goodrich TA's. Want to change wheels to move to disc brakes. I watch for any replies.

Great story, cool car, smart real estate agent.