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Hagerty Employee

McKeel Hagerty on driving, daughters, and becoming one with the Deuce

There is always one person or fictional character that kids identify with. Mine was James Bond. I liked him because he could, quite literally, do everything. Ski off a cliff, then pop open a Union Jack parachute and glide to safety? Check. Tilt a car up on two wheels to escape down a narrow alleyway? Check. Leap crocodiles? Jump a speedboat? Get the girl? Check, check, and check.


I didn’t know the term at the time, but Bond was a Renaissance Man, and that’s what I wanted to be when I grew up—someone who could do just about anything. I haven’t reached that point yet, but I’ve tried, and along the way, I’ve come to believe that life is about adding tools (read: skills) to your toolbox, both mental and physical.


Which brings me to the subject of daughters, driving, and what we car lovers pass on to the next generation ... Read the full article on


Pit Crew

Sharing your passion with your children. One of life's greatest times. Neither of you will ever forget it.


My family has been working on a 63 impala in Houston Texas ever since my granddaughter Presley was born. The love of this car has everybody in the family has helped with grandpa working on every aspect of the car, but all the kids Nicole, Michael ,Presley ,have all lifted a wrench to help put this car on the road. Three of the generations in our family have learned to rally around the 63 impala, wow the memories it’s created already and we haven’t even driven it yet. This year 2020 has been a great disappointment to many but as the impala is transported up to Traverse City to enjoy this beautiful area it brings tears to my eyes.

Advanced Driver

Im gifting my baja bug to my nephew to teach his children how to drive a stick.Life is good!