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Hagerty Employee

McCartney’s 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL Losinser sells for a pedestrian $38K

Turns out, a Beatles connection doesn’t always deliver the Midas touch. Over the weekend, a meticulously restored 1985 Mercedes-Benz 500 SEL Lorinser that was originally owned by Sir Paul McCartney sold for $38,579 (including fees) through Britain’s Collecting Cars auction service. That’s not much more than a Concours-condition ’85 Mercedes 500 SEL without the Lorinser sports body kit and the McCarney association.


What gives?


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Pit Crew

Say what you will, but in my opinion that price was a steal.

Advanced Driver

Maybe if it belonged to Lennon or Harrison it would have sold for more (he said with a slight smirk). 

Intermediate Driver

I think we are seeing a huge generational shift in buying habits.  I am senior in years and think this was a steal for such history.  On the other hand, my sons, in their late 20's  and my two daughters would say,  "Paul who?"  


Put PewDiePie's butt in it for 10 minutes, and he could have tripled the price.  Sadly.

Intermediate Driver

I LOVE this SEL even without the "celeb" connection... The nautical blue over black leather is gorgeous and the Lorinser kit is awesome!!!!

The car is also loaded and turnkey... Sorry I didn't get it for that bargain price...

Intermediate Driver

While the price is a good deal, let's face it. This was the dark era for cars of all makes. The fact that the doors and other major parts were never handled by McCartney means you can barely say it was his car. Just because some still living, famous guitar guy farts into the seat cushions, does not make it Barrett Jackson car of the year.