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Mazda's tantalizing RWD rotary patent, Leno honors McQueen's XKSS, Maserati takes Formula E plunge

Intake: 2022 will finally see Mazda bring back the Wankel engine, but its deployment as a range-extender in the MX-30 electric crossover hasn't really got rotor-heads, er, rotor-vated. However, that could well change if recent patent filings are anything to go by.

I liked that XKSS it was a gorgeous car.
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Pikes Peak is not the highest vehicle accessible road in the United States. That would be the road to the top of Mt. Evans, which is also in Colorado and not that far from Pikes Peak. The summit of Mt. Evans is 14,271 feet, or 156 feet higher than Pikes Peak and there is a paved road going all the way to the top. But it has been closed for the winter for a few months, which is probably why it was not used for this Taycan exercise.

So what am I missing in the taycan story? Great, an EV went low and high, big whoop. Not being petty, but really who gives a rip? If you wanted to impress me, tell me the driver only wasted 4 hours total charging for the trip. Or was it 8 hours?

Please, please let the Mazda be a three-rotor hybrid version of the RX-Vision coupe!

I had to look that up, the rx-vision. So long and swoopy, seems there'd be room to make it a 2+ almost 2. Like 928 sized back seats. That would be cool.
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The Mazda would be even more awesome-r if they followed through on rebooting a Lancia Montecarlo, if we're to take the patent sketch seriously.

When I bought my W126 2 years ago I was told I got a "rug dealer car" lol

Personally I think the Benz would look better if the interior was white and the exterior painted to look like a Persian carpet. And - collecting vintage car floor mats is an interesting idea. Could fit a lot of them into a small space.