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Hagerty Employee

Mazda's new six-cylinder engine goes on show

Mazda has finally revealed its range of next generation six-cylinder engines. Pictured in the company's latest financial report are three versions of the straight-six: regular gasoline, diesel, and SKYACTIV-X compression ignition gasoline.


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New Driver

I purchased a 2020 indigo Mazda 6 Grand Touring Sport as a Christmas present to myself last year and had so many problems burst 3 tires scratches in the paint from purchase and it started making a noise under the car. They had my car in service more than I did. So my tire burst again took it in and walked out with the last 2021 candy apple red Mazda 6 Grand Touring Sport. I have gotten so many compliments about my car. When I left the dealership with my 2020 I stopped at a gas station and I didn’t know how to open my gas tank and the gentleman next to me showed me how to open it and asked what kinda car it was and said it was a Mazda GTS and he replied with, “that’s beautiful”and he was in a new Aston Martin. Yesterday I drove my new 2021 to Target and this man stopped me as I was getting into the car and said, “that’s fire”! I am so excited about the new six cylinder that will be out in 2024 that’s a beast and I plan to get it. I’m a Mazda Girl forever!