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Hagerty Employee

Mazda planning electric Miata, Wrangler Xtreme Recon package, quartet of vintage Quattros for sale | Hagerty Media

Welcome to The Manifold, our fresh daily digest of news and what's happening in the car world. Intake: By the end of the decade Miata will be the answer if you're looking for a roadster with electric power. Mazda recently announced that it will be releasing five new hybrids, five plug-in hybrids, and three pure EVs between 2022 and 2025.

Of all the mainstream production cars to go electric, it is most crucial that Mazda gets the Miata correct. The roadster's DNA is in lightness, which is the antithesis of electrification. Will Mazda spend the money on redesigning the platform to make it ideal as an electric? Those batteries are going to need to be placed as low as possible to try to maintain the essence of Miata. Even still, it's going to clearly ride and drive differently than the gasoline-powered version. Perhaps the peppier acceleration will help make up for the inevitable change in driving dynamics.
Advanced Driver

Mazda will do what Ford did with the MACH E and stain the Miata name. Shameful!
Advanced Driver

"Mazda wants to electrify the Miata."

Seriously. Who'd notice?
(Why yes, my son has a supercharged Miata -- why do you ask?)

Light weight is not going to be in the formula until lighter batteries arrive. 

The key will be packaging the batteries in the car I expect in sports cars it will be low and centralized to cut the polar movement. It also will be placed to counter the Electric motors 


At some point I expect smaller motors will be in the wheels in sports cars and be used for power and braking. If they keep the weight down it would keep un- sprung weight in check. 

Pit Crew

Will the electric Miata still have a manual trans?