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Hagerty Employee

Mazda confirms return of rotary engine for 2021, but don’t get too excited

Mazda confirmed something that enthusiasts have long been clamoring for, a return of the rotary engine. In a live-streamed event for the MX-30 crossover, Akira Marumoto noted that a rotary-powered range-extender was coming for the MX-30, starting in 2021 for the 2022 model year. The compact crossover was first shown in 2019 and is currently sold as a hybrid in Japan and with an all-electric powertrain in Europe.


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Hagerty Fan
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Old(er) news. And I was thinking that it was originally suppose to have been rolled out THIS fall for the 2021 models....making it a year late to boot.
Regardless the author is right...if you’re an enthusiast there’s nothing to see here. 🥱😴


Was it really necessary to tell people not to get excited? 😂

Hagerty Fan
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^ Regarding a rotary engine,  IMO it makes NO sense to buy a used engine when a new short block can be had for the same money, and from a number of reputable vendors here in the states.
Your post looks like spam to me anyway. And if you have to spam, that’s usually a sign the product isn’t very good.

New Driver

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Hagerty Fan
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I’d never buy a worn out used engine on-line. Especially from someone who desperately resorts to spamming forums.