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Matchbox launches carbon neutral toy cars | Hagerty Media

The news that Matchbox is introducing a new range of toy cars based on electric vehicles and made from recycled materials raises obvious questions. What sort of noise will children make when playing with them? Will there be a scale figure model of Elon Musk surrounded by a group of evangelists?

"Carbon neutral." Quite the catchphrase when attempting to convey a corporation's holier-than-thou attitude when the real truth is just the opposite. Does Matchbox use ink sourced from multicolored squid for its packaging? How does one recycle paint for the tiny cars? How many recycled steak and kidney pie tins do they use to make the molds? And that electricity that runs the place, how about that? Produced by a pack of unemployed foxes running on a treadmill turning a dynamo now that traditional hunting will be considered offensive and hence cancelled? We won't go into how some of the employees are riding in diesel-powered buses to and from work. So many questions, too few answers.