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Hagerty Employee

Massachusetts overwhelmingly passes Right to Repair law

In a hotly contested race in which $21 million was spent on messaging, Massachusetts voters overwhelmingly approved a measure that requires car manufacturers to allow do-it-yourselfers and independent mechanics access to vehicle data for repairs.


“The people have spoken—by a huge margin—in favor of immediately updating right to repair so it applies to today’s high-tech cars and trucks,” Tommy Hickey, the director of the Yes on 1 coalition, says in a video message to supporters ... Read the full news on


Intermediate Driver

The question of who owns who’s data information is quite fascinating and challenging. I understand why manufacturers would want to control access (cars, computer programs, refrigerators, everything connected), but at what cost to the purchaser. Are we consumers willing to give all the info away? Not in Mass...good for them! I hope the rest of our nation will follow this trend.


Yea and Amen! Someone bought, paid for and OWNS the car. We seem to have now become products ourselves, with all of the tracking of us and personal info gleaned from us, all of it surreptitiously. I'm no paranoiac, but there are many reasons for concern. 

Now, if we could only halt the robbery that is the taxation on the SAME CAR any time it changes hands... 

Intermediate Driver

With car manufacturers trying to outdo each other with who has the most "tech" and the biggest screens. I wish there was a new low-tech version available. Something with a basic OBD-2 port, that does not interface with satellites and the internet. The new cars are so complex that the owner doesn't really know what is going on "in the back, where they make the sausages". ... Thumbs up to Massachusetts

Pit Crew

Being a Mass. resident, I have a few trusted friends that work on my vehicles. They've been doing so for decades AND they're honest. Their shops are handed down from their fathers. I think you know how I voted.