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Manu Campa paints cars for a living, but his ’31 Ford Roadster is a work of art

Every morning, setting off from a village outside of the city, Manu Campa commutes to his downtown studio in Madrid. He appreciates the three-mile cushion between home and the hustle-bustle of Spain’s largest city, where he spends his days painting cars. By now, the locals recognize his golden 1931 Ford Model A Roadster. “It has to be only the one in the whole city, and they’re in general very rare in this country,” Campa says. “Everyone knows it’s me, so the car is like a rolling advertisement for my art.”


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Replies (1)

Replies (1)

I'm reminded of the work of Ken Dallison, David Kimble and other true artists that I deeply respect. How can these people have so much talent? It must ooze out if their pores when they sleep because there is just so much of it. And since my Spanish is rusty and I don't know what Bangla is, I can't order any prints from the included link. I can see them, but it won't let me buy anything.

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