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Hagerty Employee

Make your Porsche shifter feel like new in one weekend | Hagerty Media

Have a Porsche 911 or 912 and need an easy weekend project? Here's a job I just completed on my 1987 911-and believe me, if I can do it, anybody can. We're dealing with the bushings inside the shifter assembly. Is your shifter sort of loosey-goosey, with throws that threaten to knock your knuckles on the lower dash?

The gleaming casting and original inspection paint marks (after 30+ years) are a joy to behold. Also: Do want.
New Driver

I just replaced the shifter “O-rings” and plastic parts. It was a good afternoon project.
Hardest part was re-installing the shifter assembly back through the rod and on to the floor. The transmission shifts much better. Wasn’t hard just need a little patients.
New Driver

One month after I bought my '89 Carrera, it refused to go into 2nd or 4th gears. This bushing had broken, and part of it was blocking the motion of the shifter. I was nervous digging in for my first project, but there's nothing better than wrapping up a $35 repair that would have cost $$$ to diagnose and fix at the nearest dealership 75 miles away.
Pit Crew

Last year I took my '78 911SC to a shop for transmission shifting issues(around 100,000 miles). They replaced this same bushing and I was excited that the transmission didn't have to be rebuilt. Unfortunately, although it shifts better than it did, it is still not great. Especially going into 2nd or 3rd going up or down gears. I am very gentle with it and never force it but it sometimes just doesn't want to go into gear. Some times it goes right in, no problem. I then either double clutch or rev it up a bit or just let the engine speed drop and then after one of those solutions, it goes in gear. Never grinds, maybe since I don't force it.. When I took it in to the shop, I expected to hear- synchros. Anything else you guys think it could be other than synchros? Thanks
Community Manager

Sometimes a fluid service will help in situations like this. If not, odds are the gearbox needs new synchros. 

Advanced Driver

I did this on my '89! Easy and satisfying do it yourself. Mine has the factory short shifter, too.