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Hagerty Employee

Magneto 2.0, bobbed Gladiator headline Jeep's 7 builds for Easter Safari '22

Every April, pandemic aside, Jeep faithful travel to Moab for nine days of rock-crawling hosted by the Red Rock 4-Wheelers off-road club, ending on Easter Sunday. Each year, Jeep joins-always with a cadre of 4x4s previewing future builds or showcasing the Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) catalog.

Really, “The Lunatic Fridge,”? Wouldn't Fringe be more likely? "Wrangliator" is cute but then you spoil it with " retain its stick axles, suspension, and transfer case". Grammerly can't help when you can't proofread.
Hagerty Employee

at least i've got you looking out for me!


 I have driven enough Jeep to where I own a truck. 


They were ok when they were basic and cheap but death wobble at $60K is just not worth it. 


Though after time with the Bronco I would stick to the Jeep. 

Advanced Driver

I like them all as concepts, but I'm sure the pricing would be prohibitive. Why, why, why, can't Jeep (Stellantis) just build them simple and less expensive. I don't give a crap about all the bells and whistles. Just give me the basics with a manual trans like the old days. Less options, less to go wrong. This isn't fast food, we don't need a new menu every year. Give me what's proven. The Japanese ate our lunch during the 70's and 80's because they gave us what we wanted, and it worked, and it was cheap comparatively.

Intermediate Driver

Agreed. I lost all interest in Jeep with the 2007 models. I'll keep my TJ pristine as long as possible.
New Driver

I love my 96 XJ Country, all stock. I would love to get a TJ to go along with it. The TJ was the last good Jeep made.
Pit Crew

In 1990 the MSRP for a 2 door 4x4 jeep was $12029. Median household income in the US for 1990 was $54621

In 2020 the MSRP for a 2 door 4x4 jeep was 28295. Median household income in the US for 2020 was $67521

Jeep prices grew ~ 135% while median income grew ~24%

Jeep prices grew more than five times faster than income, and they still can’t keep them on the lot.

Why? Supply and Demand. It’s what gave us the jeep in the first place, and that economic principle has kept them on the road for 80 years.

I can’t blame Jeep for maximizing profit when they have thousands of middle aged males who will pay darn near anything to compensate for the extra 40 pounds they are walking around with. Status will always be a thing in the U.S. lol.
Pit Crew

I miss my '56 Willys Utility Wagon and my '71 Jeepster Commando. Those we Jeeps!
Intermediate Driver

They are simple and inexpensively built... Jeep just sells them for a large profit
New Driver

Not Jeep...Chrysler. Chrysler inflates the price of Jeeps to cover their dismal product line. Jeep keeps Chrysler afloat. Along with FIAT.
New Driver

I like all these jeeps! Gladiators are my favorite right now, but I would take the '41 Concept drab
green Wrangler, awesome. I'm thinking this yearly Easter Safari Event has to be an absolute blast!

" BOB "

Intermediate Driver

Being an unrepentant Neo-Luddite, I would not shell out for any of these concepts if they ever become available on the market. They would be too expensive to buy and to operate, and would be not very useful in an off-road environment. On the other hand, if Jeep were to build a true homage to the original Willys MB and CJ models with a 4 cylinder engine, manual gearbox & transfer case, short wheelbase and no plastic (apart from the seat covers and removable top), I would be first in line to buy one.
Hagerty Employee

would you consider a base bronco?
Intermediate Driver

Agree - miss my brothers old, very basic CJ2A - that thig would go anywhere. CJ5s are good too.
Pit Crew

I like my Z71 with the LTZ package, so comfortable. If I find myself off road I really took a wrong turn.
Pit Crew

When did we fall this much in love with four-doors? The only two-door is electric, which is a hard NO from me. It seems like we try to make the long four-door models fit in a two door world. To me the four-door Jeeps are the modern day station wagon. No thanks. I agree with HASCpres2019; I'm going to hang on to my TJ too!
New Driver "extended cab" Wrangler pick-up in the I'll pass on the rest. When is Jeep going to respond to what so many people want.

Or a regular cab for me

Doesn't matter. Most Jeeps rarely leave the pavement and are just hipster transportation.
Intermediate Driver

If I had my druthers, I'd go with the "Bobbed" concept. Those are the things we did to our CJ's back in the 1970's. We used to run to Moab once every couple years, mostly due to the fact we were always running the mountains like the Rocky's and the Sierras as well as other places. Some guys would purchase the ambulance jeeps (C6's) for the longer wheelbase then modify them to run the mountains. The "Bobbed" Concept, I'd go with that but i still like running the shorter wheel base Jeeps.
New Driver

Jeep- the "man bun" of the automotive world. At least they used to be cool.(Jeep's not man buns)
Hagerty Employee


Intermediate Driver

Pit Crew

None of these things interest me. Just marketing hype to satisfy an admittedly, real market of wannabe off roaders who will never use these things as intended or marketed.

At todays prices, I'm out to the market and don't care.
Pit Crew

Back in 1947, out of the Army and just married we bought a CJ2A with 1300 miles for $700. I had a Ford GP Army vehicle in the Manila area so I was familiar with it. After WWII ended we sold vehicles to the Filipinos to get transportation moving. I was involved in that. But, my new wife and I found a prewar folding camper and at 40 MPH we explored the UP of Michigan. We dragged that camper thru brush to camp on the St Marys River on Drummond Island. The Jeep took us back and forth between Dearborn & Michigan State for four years. Thru ice and snow, we never worried about the drive. I worked the family farm during that time and the Jeep with a PTO ran equipment dragged wagons and took us deer hunting. We graduated from MSU, bought a bigger farm and had a CJ3A to help. We moved north and all the kids learned to drive in a CJ5. We also had a 1951 Jeep Station Wagon and a Wagoneer. I could fix about anything on those ancient vehicles. I look at those new and beautiful Jeeps of today and sigh. But at 97, my boondocking is about over.
Pit Crew

I like the magneto, good looking jeep and more power than you will ever need, add welding on the trail with that much battery, just hope it does not go dead before you get back to the nuclear plant for charging

Can't wait to see all the electric wranglers getting a quick charge in the middle of nowhere. I'm sure that range doesn't exactly hold when rock crawling. Lots of silly concepts here.
Intermediate Driver

I don't know much about Jeeps...we've never owned one except for the square-eyed YJ we named "Axel" that my husband is currently all I do is go by looks. That Wrangler Magneto is CUTE!

Never understood the 'sales hype' for the Rubicons.
80% of the purchaser's haven't ever had them on a Dirt Road.
Let alone 'off road'. Where all the all the fancy stuff helps, but won't get you out of trouble.
Standard Wrangler has a "posi axle" setup.
Intermediate Driver

My first Jeep was a 52 wagon with the Hurricane 6 and I have switched back and forth between Broncos and Jeeps since. The new Bronco has me excited but I like the 41 and the Bob but I would like both of them "Bird Cage" style.

The biggest problem for me is Wranglers hold their value too well and I can't afford a new one so I will probable be waiting and hoping that the Bronco will not fare as well at holding value. No doubt the Bronco Wild Track and the Rubicon are very capable but it's the 60s all over again with Ford and Chrysler looking for the competition edge.
New Driver

Magneto 2.0 - I guess they are calling my Jeep 1.0? It’s actually JeepJKX on Instagram. I did it years ago. Same colors too except they changed my red to orange.
New Driver

Magneto or whichever is the b-pillar delete on is.