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Hagerty Employee

Low Mileage 1984 Buick Grand National press car and Barn full of cars | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 106

The last time we followed Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter on his search for hidden treasure in northern Michigan, Tom ended the show by drag racing his borrowed 1970 Challenger against Cliff Wilson's 1966 Dodge Polara 500. This episode is a little slower-paced than that, but it ends with an iconic performance car that's been [...]
New Driver

I was at Bob's place this summer buying some Ingersoll parts from his grandson, Taylor. While there wheeling and dealing with Taylor, Bob arrived and was just as friendly as he appeared on your show. It was a nice surprise to see Tom enjoying himself while being educated on the world of Case-Ingersoll tractors that many of enjoy and can more easily afford and store than collecting old cars.

If your back in the area Tom, ask to see Taylors collection of tractors nearby. He has some special ones a lot of us Ingersoll collectors are a bit envious of. Thanks for another great episode!