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Love the new Supra? Say thanks to BMW-and the Toyota Mirai | Hagerty Media

The return of the Toyota Supra has been controversial, to say the least. Many of the nameplate's most ardent fans, especially die-hard Mk IV Supra loyalists, feel betrayed by the car's BMW underpinnings. Yes, it looks cool, and yes, it's blisteringly fast. But why wouldn't Toyota build a sports car of its own making, rather [...]


My previous comments that disappeared, came back so I edited the first ones here so it's not a complete re-run.


Great video.  I laughed at the "Zupra" comment he snuck in.  As a MK4 Supra owner I have zero love for the new "MK5".  Nothing about it is a Toyota or a Supra to me and many Toyota & Supra enthusiasts.  Is it a good driving BMW?  Yes.  Is it a Supra? No.  As Jason pointed out the Supra was a world beater, picking on cars more expensive than it was and beating them.  Sadly it took the fast and Furious and Gran Turismo to give it the legend it has now. 



It’s Not A Supra! - Nothing Toyota about it besides “the tuning”. So it’s a BMW “Tuned By Toyota”. It has fake scoops that do nothing. We had fake stories from Tada to justify the fakery. Watching Toyota “Yes Men” gush over what is essentially a competitors car in drag made me sick. Knowing that Toyota could have done it in-house but chose not to makes no sense. The attitude sent back by Toyota belittling the actual Supra owners and actual would-be future Supra owners on their opinions about what the car should be was upsetting. When the BMW rumors popped up we (Supra Owners) were quick to say don’t do it, don’t build it or at the very least don’t call it a Supra, call it something else. They flat out ignored us because they “know better”. We wanted something designed, engineered and built by Toyota. This is none of those things. MK1 to MK2 to MK3 to MK4 have a heritage and a shared lineage. Even though it shares some badges the Mk5 does not share in that heritage. It takes more than a badge and some tuning to keep it going. Many Toyota/Supra enthusiasts take the Mk5 "Zupra" as a cynical slap in the face.

Why Toyota took their Halo car and wrote a check to someone else to build it is puzzling. Imagine Chevrolet asking someone else to build the Corvette or Porsche asking someone else to build the 911. You can't imagine that, that would be outrageous and blasphemous! Yet Toyota did for some reason to their Corvette/911.

The MK5 is a good driving BMW, though I had been arguing the M2 is probably a better choice and there goes Jason with one making my point. Yes he did it in a more expensive, limited edition swan song for the M2, but the point is still valid.

The faces and reaction while driving the "real" MK4 Supra says it all. He was a happy camper in that modified model. Despite that not all Supra's are 1000+ hp monsters. Mine is still on the stock twins with an intake and exhaust, boost controller and sticky tires. I have the same reaction every time I take it for a drive.

Magna-Steyr is in Austria. Nobody builds autos in Australia anymore.

BTW, the Porsche 944 was built by Audi. And that's not even mentioning the 914 and 924.
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Oops!  I am fixing the Austria/Australia thing now. Thanks for that!


It's an easy typo to happen.  However too bad there are no more cars coming from Australia.  GM & Ford made some of their best stuff there and didn't sell it here.

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Having an m roadster, I looked forward to the new Z/Supra. Didn't buy one. No manual trans.