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Hagerty Employee

Lotus Emira pricing and performance details, Volvo's enhanced powertrain tech, Lexus' limited-run LC 500

Intake: Lotus has released pricing and powertrain details for the four-cylinder version of the Emira, the Hethel-based firm's swan song internal combustion sports car. As expected, the engine of choice is the AMG M139 turbo-four from Mercedes-AMG. The M139 currently holds the title of most powerful four-cylinder in the world, making a whopping 416 hp (208 hp/liter of displacement) in top tune.
New Driver

Can anyone tell me why Lotus chose to name ALL their cars (except the Super 7) beginning with the letter 'e'.
Europa, Eclat, Elise, Emira, Elan etc etc.

Curious, no one seems to know!!
Pit Crew

My guess is that their first big success was the Eleven (1956 on). So why not keep the "E"s going? Also don't forget Elite, Elan, Excel, Esprit, Exige ...

It's a brand thing. Ford does the same (or did the last couple decades): Cars: Fiesta, Focus, Five Hundred, Flex (classified as a wagon), etc. SUVs: Escape, Explorer, Expedition, Excursion. It may have meaning, they may just like Alliteration. In Ford's case, only their "lead" models break the mold: Bronco, Mustang, Taurus, for example.

The end of Lotus to me. The pricing on the 4 cylinder car is kind of silly.

I would go for that Lotus if I had reasonable assurance that reliability is good. Does anyone have any experience with late-model Loti and would care to comment?
Advanced Driver

British car and reliability in the same sentence, you surely jest!
Intermediate Driver

How can an increase of range from 18-22 miles to 35-41 miles be characterized as "range-tripling?" Seems like this writer failed 2nd grade arithmetic.
Intermediate Driver

"new math"


I was going to let "midship-psitioning", go and even the tortuous "In a world where on sipping overpriced coffee while waiting for EVs to charge will inevitably become a norm...", but when you end the piece with "... its not getting any..." , even the volume of words you produce cannot explain such carelessness.
Intermediate Driver

I can't be the only one who's curious what will happen if no one buys all these electric cars that are supposedly arriving soon. I'm ambivalent about the need to back away from fossils fuels, but I wonder. 10K people a day turn 65 in the US. Is that a target market? Unlikely. How many of generation Y (20-30) would rather use Uber or Lyft instead of owning a car? Answer? A lot. How many millions of us who live in a climate and a home where charging at home is not really an option (no garage and 4 seasons)? And on top of that, where is all that newly needed electricity coming from?

Well done. The bit about overpriced coffee and scrolling phones is so true even now. We are imprisoned by technology. And overpriced coffee.
And everybody won't rush to electric cars. The fully developed car won't happen until about
2050. So meanwhile we have people writing big checks or encumbering themselves with seven year finance contracts at outrageous monthly payments.

And EV batteries that won't last the decade of purchase.

If Uncle Scam thinks I'm happy to fork over $7.5K for every copy of a Volvo 60-90 model sold here at home, I'd say guess again Scammy! As for Starbucks and charging stations, I'm certain tax payers will be floating that bill too. Remember when all the homeland manufacturers used to manufacture every part needed in house? Well, they need to start that trend all over again and fast.

I kind of like the Emira, but after seeing Frank Stephenson’s video tweaking the design and fixing the odd bits, all I see are the small flaws in the design that make it less cohesive. Frank liked it, too, but said Lotus missed some obvious design improvements.