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Hagerty Employee

Lost and Found: The Art and Science of Hunting Rare Corvettes | Hagerty Media

Vintage Corvettes have been bought and sold as collector vehicles for decades, and so you could be forgiven for thinking that all the hot ones have been accounted for, and that the current body of research has documented all that's known about them. That's not the case, and to seasoned Corvette hunters like Kevin Mackay, [...]
New Driver

I understand this is a long-shot. However, I am looking for a corvette I saw in my youth at a Bloomington Gold corvette rally after it had moved to Springfield Illinois. I attended every show at this venue from 1993-1997. The corvette was auctioned off between this time. The corvette was blue and had a full body kit conversion. It did not look anything like a corvette. The only corvette I know to be similar today is the corvette Valarra. However, the corvette I am looking for looks nothing like the Valarra. I don't believe this corvette I am looking for is the only one. I believe there were a handful built. I understand this is vague. Does anybody have any clues? I suppose I am looking for a company that does this to corvettes. I have searched and searched the Internet to no avail.