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Hagerty Employee

Lord, Fraud: The cash-strapped British noble who destroyed his Ferraris for the insurance money | Hagerty Media

Twenty-five years ago Charles Ronald George Nall-Cain, the third Baron Brocket, was beginning a five-year jail term in Springhill prison in Buckinghamshire, U.K. His crime? The destruction of three classic Ferraris and a Maserati to make a fraudulent insurance claim for £4.5 million-that's $14M today-five years earlier.
Advanced Driver

Very interesting stories! Thanks. They must give the people who work at Hagerty some sleepless nights thinking about them.
Pit Crew

Wasn't there a FIAT club with a Tony Pugliese? Or maybe a racing club in the NE US? It was in the 70's.

Don’t care at all about the modern Bug being dumped in a lake; but Lord Brocket should have been drawn and quartered for what he did to those Ferraris.
Advanced Driver

Mr. House proves that even with a modern, million-dollar EFI system, it's still possible to flood an engine.
Advanced Driver

Advanced Driver

What about the Phoenix Experimental Safety Car that was stolen from a moving train, at first the motive was because "Detroit" was afraid of the technology, but then it was revealed to be insurance fraud because the technology didn't actually work.

Or maybe that was an episode of Banacek?
Intermediate Driver

I knew of one of these instances though not when the car was a classic. We had a customer at the gas station who had a very troublesome 914, he convinced a co worker of mine to steal it and burn it, he'd had all the German engineering he could take. He collected on the insurance policy and my co worker collected some money, I have no idea how much. The kicker was, the owner of the 914 was a cop!!

BTW, thanks for closing the article with "that's a whole other story". I keep looking through Websters to find the word "Nuther", as in a whole nuther story. It's not in there yet, though I'm sure it will find it's way in someday.