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Hagerty Employee

Looking for an excuse to party? Celebrate your car’s birthday

During this time of intense homebodiness, a lot of people have taken up baking. The other day, the wife announced that she would like to bake a cake—it had been awhile, she said, since we had good cake. And that was because it had been awhile since any occasion where people came together to celebrate something by eating cake.


We both have fall birthdays, so I suggested that we celebrate the 50th birthday of our old Lamborghini Espada. A car that, according to factory documentation, was born on April 20, 1970. Next thing I knew, the eggs and flour and sugar were flying.


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Intermediate Driver

Interesting that this article should come out at this time. My VW Karmann Ghia convertible's 50th birthday is coming up within the week, May 4, 1970. (And I got my high school diploma 3-1/2 weeks later on May 28.)


Happy Birthday to your car and to Ferruccio Lamborghini who's Birthday is today April 28th.

New Driver

We threw a 50th "Builtday" Party on July 17, 2009 for my 1959 Ford Skyliner. Filled all my antique coolers with old school beers like Schlitz, Hamm's, Old Style, High Life and a few more. Got out the 45 rpm records, old Mad magazines from 1959, Lincoln Logs, Cootie Game, and lots of other nostalgic items from 1959. Great time was had by all.


My Mustang was built on my birthday 

Advanced Driver

'72 Road Runner - July 21, 1972.

Pit Crew

Photo of the car next to the SR-71 must be in Tucson. Am I right??

Intermediate Driver

Edwards AFB (CA) - Air Force Flight Test Museum.
I have seen two SR-71s at Edwards; the one outdoors (shown above) and another for special display/events (I believe it will be placed inside the new museum currently under construction).
About 40 miles south, the Blackbird Airpark in Palmdale has an A-12 & SR-71.



Nice picture in front of the Lockheed SR-71! Very appropriate. You've taken good care of your baby by the looks of things. Happy Birthday! Pop a cork and have one on me.

Pit Crew

Just celebrated the 54th for my 1966 Volvo Amazon with a country drive on Apr 25th... ran better than ever!


I make sure to go for a drive on April 11 each year, that is the scheduled build date of my 1966 Mustang. Since the official records from that year are gone, we can only approximate - usually from the VIN. I have the original buck tag with the D11 code, hence my annual tribute.