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Hagerty Employee

Listen to this tank-powered Ford Police Interceptor roar to life | Hagerty Media

An intrepid team of Swedish hot-rodders has made big strides with an absolutely bonkers car project. The Meteor Interceptor, as the absurd endeavor is called, is a 2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor that served in Stockton, California, but these day's it's the recipient of the mother of all engine swaps.
Intermediate Driver

Boys and their toys! Great fun building stuff that's "over the top!" LOL. This is great stuff.
Intermediate Driver

The most power available in a factory 327 was 360 times 5 is 1800hp. So 2500hp is huge for an engine that size.

I'm guessing you are talking about historical motors, non-turbo-charged. The author's comparison to 327s was merely for size, not power. A non-boosted Mustang 5.0 makes up to 480 horsepower, for example. That's the equivalent of about 2,600hp for that tank engine. Of course, this isn't really about power-to-displacement, but just the mere insanity of stuffing a tank engine into a sedan. 😄
Pit Crew

The highest factory rating for a 327 was 375hp, 1965 FI Corvette.

The 1965 Fuel Injected 327 was rated 375 hp.
New Driver

Heja Sverige ....Kör så're ryker...nice build...
Intermediate Driver

Ready for Mad Max 5!!!!
Advanced Driver

Interceptor indeed! I can't wait until this thing is ready to drive. Probably need an ejector seat, ya know, just to be on the safe side ...
Intermediate Driver

Big whoop! E. J. Potter but an Allison aircraft motor in the back of a Dodge Dart station wagon over 50 years ago.
Advanced Driver

I didn't know about the Dart, but E. J. was one of the first, if not THE first to put a small block Chevy in a motorcycle for drag racing.

I read an article in Mechanics Illustrated in the early to mid sixties about some Brit who installed a Merlin in his Rolls-Royce. One of the details that I recall is that he installed the governor from a Centurion tank to keep the revs down. He said it got the same mileage as the original Rolls engine (17 mpg). LLLOOONNNGGG hood!
New Driver

This is a wild project, no doubt. I have to wonder about the weight distribution though, it can't be conducive to getting all this power on the tarmac efficiently. Oh well, it will have great spectator appeal!
Intermediate Driver

That's certainly not Volvo or Saab some though went into that build. Good Job
Intermediate Driver

I wonder if they will put the prisoner rear seating compartment back in. The could give incarcerated street racers a "Scared straight" ride. In handcuffs of course.
Intermediate Driver

Here any of you checked out that Merlin powered '55 Bel-Air from about ten years ago?
Intermediate Driver

That came out of Australia nearly 20 years ago. Impressive builds one and all, but the Chev was road registered.
Pit Crew

Let’s see…firewall is gone, half the floor pan is out, no place to sit, no way to steer. Plus all that engine protruding well beyond the front of what’s left of the car. The word ‘colossal’ comes to mind—as in Colossal Waste of Time.

I'm assuming they've put more forethought into this than we're seeing here. It looks like they just cut away everything that was in the way to get the motor between the wheels. Not counting them out though, and the visual and auditory impact is already sky high!
Intermediate Driver

I'm ready to see it completely finished and do a few trips down the 1/4 mile track.
Pit Crew

Good one, Brandan! Between my brother and me, four Panthers are currently in captivity here in the Sierra foothills.
New Driver

This appears to be similar to what Art Arfons was doing in Akron, Ohio shortly after World War II. He took surplus aircraft engines and designed drag racing vehicles around them. The Akron, Ohio airport allowed him to use a taxi-way to do his test runs until they realized that he was tearing up the blacktop excessively and they banned him from using the taxi-way.

What is the weight of that engine? Needless to say it's probably a bit front heavy. Pretty funny to see that engine in there. It's going to be insane when done.