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Hagerty Employee

Listen, Michael: Julien’s is offering an original KITT Firebird Trans Am

Say what you will about the 1980s NBC television series Knight Rider and its iconic Knight Industries Two Thousand—car enthusiasts just can’t seem to get enough of KITT. We can’t either.


We’ve told the story of how a 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am became the famous talking/crime stopping superhero. We’ve written about KITT replica builders and created videos featuring their creations. Comedian Byron Bowers even considered making KITT the last car that he’ll ever own, although he ultimately decided to keep looking.


Now one of three original KITT cars to appear in Knight Rider is headed to auction. Read the full article on


As a lifelong "Car Guy" I probably rolled my eyes at the TV series featuring one of the lowest horsepower and least attractive of GM's "F" bodies... After the success and great stuntwork of the Burt Reynolds era, and the SILLYNESS of the premise of this TV series, I hope someone enjoys this overpriced, underperforming ride....

Pit Crew

 Great article !!! Thanks for including the link for the auction. The catalog is amazing !  Marilyn Monroe checkbook, movie posters, Breaking Bad cell phone !!! You guys will like all the Playboy items ! I bid on items from Manor Racing a few years ago, when that Formula One team went belly up. I didn't think I'd get anything, but I got Puma athletic shoes (brand new), shirts, Sparco gloves & other items. Some as cheap as 25.00. The shipping from overseas cost more than the items, but it was well worth it ! 

New Driver

So the car never appeared in the show!  So is it really Kitt?


Waiting for the auctioneer to say "Give me all you've got Kitt!" 


I introduced my 8 year old son to this show on AmazonPrime and he can’t get enough. Honest to God, I woke up to the theme song this morning when he turned it on. After season 7, we segwayed from The Dukes to the Knight. He loves it and as a kid, I did too. Another iconic TV vehicle. It’s not the fastest of cars or best looking but you can’t beat icons from the screen(big or small). I want the one with the hinged T-tops and ejector seats. 
Nice article. 

Pit Crew

I grew up where you couldn’t buy a trans am and you never saw any. It was somewhat soul crushing later on to find out what a mundane vehicle they really were.   To me it was right up there with Magnum PIs Ferrari.  This was my favourite show - besting the other 80s greats like mcguver and the a-team.  It always irked me that the A-team had some stupid van. Long live KITT and his evil twin KARR,which was the best episode of the best show.   Funny how I have a car with all the trip computer and with a Bluetooth plugin will even tell me my turbine inlet temp and egt. Use my in-car Alexa and you can even have a rudimentary conversation with it.   Now, about the indestructible bodywork...