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Hagerty Employee

Lingenfelter's electric El Camino is a sign of crate motors to come

Like it or not, our beloved pistons are going the way of the buggy whip. The latest proof is this 1972 Chevy El Camino propelled by an AC motor pirated from a Chevy Bolt.
Advanced Driver

First time I've had a look under the hood of an EV. Not bad looking. But no stick shift.
New Driver

The retro styled rims look cool, until you notice there are no lug nuts!
New Driver

I wondered that myself , Why, how is the wheel held on

So if you want to do a create engine you have to do a truck do there is a place for batteries?

New Driver

Completely off-topic; Hi Don, the memory of the "Tech Directors Toy" is etched in my memory. Do you still have that car ? Any chance you like to sell it ?
Pit Crew

Nice amount of torque, no doubt. What is the weigh penalty? How is the weight distributed? How does it compare w/ stock configuration in this regard?

If I wanted an electric car, I'd go to the hobby shop and get an RC model. And if I wanted one I could ride in, I'd get a fancy Golf Cart. Not good for much else, JMHO.
New Driver

I would love to have my 64 El Camino electrified, Wonder what the cost would be

The same Bolt that has been recalled and now cancelled due to battery fires?

200 HP is still 200hp and it may initially accelerate well thanks to axle gearing and the transmission (look back to where I said transmissions on electric motors make a big impact), it still only has 200hp. Plus a 1,000 lbs of AAs in a battery pack.

It’s neat and close. Just not quite there.

As to buggy whips - people still ride horses out here in fly-over country. Out west, more horse trails than mountain bike or motorized trails.

Much it will be with ICE. Many will opt to be controlled via transportation pods, and that’s their right. As long as we refine oil, we will have gasoline.

As long as we refine oil? Green Weenies are trying to outlaw gas as we speak. Probably sooner than all of us think. There are alotta them out there and are stupid strong enough to do it soon and before there is a substantial electro grid for BEVs. Yes, they are that stupid and are not playing with a full bag of marbles.

Garbage. Waist of one of the best Camino bodies ever. 200 electro ponies and a ton of battery dead weight? No thanks!
Pit Crew

Stupid is as stupid does.-----F Gump