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Hagerty Employee

Lime Rock Park sold to investment group, Skip Barber still in the mix | Hagerty Media

Any sports-car racing fan who has visited Lime Rock Park can tell you: The place has a kind of magic. Nestled in amid Connecticut's hills and greenery, the 1.5-mile road course opened in 1957. For decades it's served as a temple of speed amidst the trees for motorsport lovers in the Northeast.
Advanced Driver

Uh-Huh....Any one remember Bridgehampton, Riverside, Ontario, Ascot...??
Intermediate Driver

Lime Rock Park is such a wonderful venue for auto racing, racers and spectators alike. I enjoy the Historical Race Weekend just about every year for the past 25 years. The Park is such a beautiful setting amongst the rolling hills and greenery in Connecticut. I'm looking forward to the next chapter for Lime Rock.
Pit Crew

I love the place. They don’t have the big time race on Memorial Day, but I go to the vintage race weekend for the Sunday car show every year

My hope is that it does not get taken away by jet setters and turned into a private club. Being a man of more modest means and having the opportunity to race there several times, I would still like to be able to go there, and not just from a spectators standpoint.
Advanced Driver

I took two courses there and wrote them up. It was truly a fabulous time. I hope the place remains accessible for those of us outside of the 1%.
New Driver

Well what can i say. After 25 years and thousands of laps i hope i have not seen my last. The issue is now that Sunday operation will never be, what do the new stewards do to keep Lime Rock solvent. Without those essential large scale spectator events, it seems like they have no choice but to expand high dollar private access to supplement income from other current streams - track days (SCDA ) manufacture days, media road tests and the like. I suggest strongly that the new ownership group be prompt, informative, clear and transparent about what the plan is, and reveal the intention in a timely manner. The thousands of drivers, fans, sponsors and supporters deserve this and they deserve this soon.

Tracks like this Mid Ohio and Road Atlanta need protected. These are where the greats raced and even greater races held. 

We do not need more Riversides and condo’s. 

Sorry but street races are the bane of a true race fan. They are one of the worse things to happen to racing out side of Monaco. Even then the cars no longer fit Monaco and it is more a tradition.